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Su Legatt is an artist, educator, and community organizer. Her photography, installation, and social practice projects explore the quiet, often unnoticed, individual moments of every day life. Legatt utilizes a variety of community engagement techniques and crowd sourcing methods to create opportunities for participants to share with others in the hopes of creating micro moments of empathy. Legatt believes that by sharing these moments, memories, and personal associations, we can strengthen our identities, broaden our personal relations, and strengthen our communities through simple exchange and understanding.


Legatt is a graduate of Minnesota State University Moorhead and Utah State University, as well as a former intern of Anderson Ranch Arts Center. She has taught photography, digital media, and professional development courses at Lake Superior College, Minnesota State University Moorhead, and North Dakota State University and a wide variety of workshops throughout the United States.


Legatt’s current work examines the cultural and historical aspects of the rapidly evolving culture of rural Minnesota. Legatt works with various non-profit organizations to organize and create cultural events that help to improve the social structures and relations within each community. As an Arts and Culture Commissioner for the city of Moorhead, Ms. Legatt works with legislators, non and for profit organizations, and local artists to support and strengthen the role of the region’s creative community. 



photo courtesy Amanda Fechtner
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