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2007 - 2016

The personal moments of daily life (where we play, how we get food, what happens when tragedy strikes a neighbor) collectively create a social structure and cultural identity. Without the documentation of these experiences, this culture will  be recorded according to the stereotypes and archetypes portrayed through television of extreme situations in the press.

One such culture at risk is the diverse and deeply interpersonal of rural Minnesota; of which I most closely identify. Due to 21st Century lifestyles, technology as a primary source of communication, and professionals relocating several times over the course of a working life, there is a decline in the traditional practices that define this group. 

The images in this series were spontaneously captured over several years and document the simply routines of my grandparents, who represent one example of the rural lifestyle and culture in which I was raised. Their daily practices have not changed much over the years and many of these are practiced today by their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

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