Built in the 1970's this inclusive and progressive parish in South Moorhead, MN had black sound panels on every wall of the sanctuary. The black fabric was pulling away, covered in dust, and in desperate need to replacement. However, they were at a bit of a loss to determine what should be put up instead. 

After meeting with the sanctuary committee, the team was led through a series of brainstorming session and came to a few conclusions:

1. The space needed to be brighter.

2. The space needed to be warmer and more inviting.

3. The walls needed to address the large amount of wood in the space and vibrant red cushions on the pews.

4. The budget was not extensive and work would be done by volunteers, who do not necessarily have construction experience. 

After further discussion, the team chose to focus on the parish's fantastic music program and how they can best demonstrate their progressive mind-set. Very quickly technology was brought into the conversation and sound waves were chosen to visuals these unique characteristics. 

After removing the existing materials, neutral fabric was stretched over the sound boards, and sound waves were projected onto the surface and painted by hand. Two sound waves were added to the walls ("Make a Joyful Noise to the Lord" and "Beloved, Let Us Love One Another") and one ("Hallelulah") was added to he choir's sound shell. 



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