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The expression "Minnesota Nice" refers to the somewhat passive nature of upper Midwesterners; the tendency to work hard, help a neighbor, or spend a little extra time in conversation. However, as more and more people leave the region or get caught up in modern life, and prefer to communicate via text or email, it seems that this mannerism is either in the decline or never existed. This project is designed to challenge the "Minnesota Nice" mindset by asking participants to share this wooden coin when witnessing the act of a nice deed.

Inspired by early 20th Century promotional tokens, given to potential customers and promising some kind of trade or discount, these 1.5 inch wooden disks have no material value. Instead, their value is in the promise or representation of the acknowledgment and gratitude of a kind deed. Each coin states simple directions about the project and how to document and share the moment online. It also has a unique serial number so that each coin can be tracked as it passes from person to person.

It is not the intention of this project to encourage nice behavior or transform a society; the nice deed has already been completed before the coin is passed. Instead, the coins provide a quiet moment of acknowledgement, a simple reward to a kind individual while challenging the original holder to examine, seek-out, and determine whether or not an act is kind and deserving of a token. This critique will vary from person to person, the acts may be large or small, and the recipient may not believe their act was indeed nice. 

If you are the holder of this coin, simple pass it to the individual who demonstrated kindness. That person, or you, can then upload your story and location by using the submission box below to track the coin and document the kind moments that often go unnoticed and/or unappreciated. 

Series #4 is now available for sponsorship here: shop page.
Every donation made sponsors 100 nickels for the donor to distribute and an additional 100 nickels for an educational partner!

Thank you for submitting your story.

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3/19/17-  I gave this coin to my Community Advisor to let her know how amazing she is and what she has done for me and our whole floor. She helped me transition into college and make me not feel so homesick. She is like a second mom to me and I am so grateful that I met her. She is the most encouraging, nicest and supportive CA I could ever have. Mankato, MN


3/21/17- Marilyn my neighbor is always there when I need her , when ill brings food, when need a ride gives me one, when needs someone to visit with she is always there. Mankato, MN


2/16/17- Received from Su Legatt, commission member, Art & Culture for the City of Moorhead. I am the new City Manager for Moorhead and Su passed this along so I would have them available to give others who display an act of kindness. Wonderful concept and an excellent welcome for me back to MN! Thank you Su!


3/2/17- I saw a young man help an older woman carry her groceries out to her car and then afterwards put her cart away for her. Mankato, MN


3/24/17- I was in the Walmart checkout line when the lady that was checking out was having a problem with her debit card. The lady behind her noticed that the lady couldn't afford to pay for her groceries, so she offered to pay for the ladies groceries. The lady was so happy she started to cry. Pierre, SD


3/22/17-  I was given this coin by Norma Krumwiede Nursing Professor from MSU Mankato. She has promoted rural health care for our community by assisting the local Hospital/Clinic and Dental Clinic with students and her vast knowledge of rural healthcare. The community of Madelia is a better place to live because of her effort to promote Madelia and the healthcare system. Madelia, MN

3/22/17- Candy Fenske is the hospital administrator at Madelia Community Hospital and Clinic and is a tireless advocate for rural healthcare that is rooted in relationships. Minnesota Nice is exhibited throughout her community focused lifestyle and tending to the importance of relationships with peers, family, and healthcare providers. Madelia, MN

3/22/17-  I was given this MN Nickel by Norma Krumwiede a Nursing Professor at MSU Mankato, Mn. Norma has been a part of the local Hospital/Clinic Board of Directors working to bring healthcare to this rural area. We see her in the community with her nursing students advocating for rural health. As well she has helped bring dental and community health students teaching them about rural healthcare. Norma is also a charter member of MCBC Madelia Community Based Collaborative, promoting community health projects. Madelia, MN

3/29/17- I passed this coin to a new member of the Nursing Staff. She will be a great Rural Nurse. Madelia, MN


4/5/17- I handed this coin to my friend Barsha. We came to this university together and have been together in each and every class since then. She is always encouraging in my studies and helpful. And we have eventually developed a fine tuning between us. Besides studies, she is a great company and I really admire her. I thanked her for her niceness and being a good friend of mine and gave this Minnesota nice nickel to her. Mankato, MN


2/20/17- This lady is a super kind and giving person. I've known her for years and I think she deserves a coin for MN niceness! Her name is Pat...



12/13/2016- I received this from Su Legatt at a Moorhead Art and Culture Commission meeting, here in Moorhead, MN. Thank you, Su for your NICENESS and contributions to Art & Culture in Moorhead!


4/3/17- I watched a college student stop and help a disabled person in the handicap spot open their truck and load their groceries for them. I even watched an older lady after comment that that was a very nice thing he did right before I approached him with my nickel. Mankato, MN


4/18/17- I received this coin after buying a friend of mine a coffee after a stressful day. I was just being a good friend, I've been surprised with my favorite snack on a bad day and I know how nice it feels to have something to make your day a little bit better. Mankato, MN

4/18/17- I gave this coin to my friend Robyn who surprised me with a Caribou coffee after she learned that I was particularly stressed due to upcoming exams and assignments. Mankato, MN


4/27/17- My friend and I were on our way home for the weekend when we realized that she had left her car lights on and the battery had died. Since it was off campus, we couldn’t call security and didn’t know what to do. A person walking to her car in the apartment complex we were at had noticed us with our hood up and asked if our battery had died. When we told her it had, she immediately told us that she could jump the car for us but first she had to get her boyfriend’s jumper cables who lived a few minutes away. Within ten minutes, she was back and got our car started back up. We asked if we could give her a few dollars for helping us but she insisted that she didn’t want anything. We learned that her name is Tatiana and that her dad is a police officer who had taught her how to jump a car in case she or someone else needed it. I thought it was super cool that she knew how to jump a car in the first place but also that she went out of her way to help us when she could have just drove off. This is what makes her "Minnesota Nice". After we thanked her, I gave her the coin telling her what it was about and that she could pass it on to another person she saw acting kind. I am very appreciative what she did for us that day and I hope she found someone that was as worthy of the coin as she was! Mankato, MN

4/30/17- I was on my way out to run errands when I noticed two girls in their car with the hood up. The battery died and I helped them jump their car and then one of them gave me this coin. I was just acting as I was raised to by my parents. The girl told me about this project and I think its super cool. I am now looking for someone else to pass the coin on to. Mankato, MN


11/23/16- I received this coin after working on a group project at my place of employment in Moorhead, MN. The group I'm involved in is working to revitalize the lobby area of our much-used social services building, using art & story-telling to add vibrancy to the space.


10/22/2016- A lady at the National Rural Creative Placemaking Summit gave me the nickel. Then I tended to a community fire and shared butterscotch moonshine. The coin is now in Harlan, KY.

10/30/2016- I received this coin because I organized a downtown cleanup for my hometown, Harlan, KY.


3/20/17- I gave this coin to a girl named Kaylin on my floor in my dorm hall. We happened to be in the University Dining Hall at the same time when a guy fell and dropped his plates full of food. I saw Kaylin walk over to the young man and help him pick up his plates and stand back up on two feet. This was nice to see because there are always so many people in the Caf and a lot of people just stood there and looked around. So I gave her this coin. Mankato, MN

3/20/17- I received this coin on 3/20/17 after helping up a young disabled man in the cafeteria after he fell and dropped his plates. I have a young autistic brother at home so I felt comfortable approaching him and assisted him as if it was my own brother back home. I feel like this is beyond a good deed, this is something that people should do whenever they see the opportunity because it is the right thing to do. Mankato, MN


4/26/17- I gave this coin to a man at target who helped this elderly lady lift one of her items out of her cart and into her car because she was having a hard time. Mankato, MN


2/22/2017- I recognized Madison Hulett for being Minnesota Nice. When we were in line at the local Caribou coffee shop she decided to "pay it forward" by paying for the woman's drink behind us. This demonstrates that even a small act of kindness can make a huge difference in someones day. Mankato, MN


2/23/17-  I gave this coin to my younger sister when she surprised me with my favorite drink from Starbucks one morning. Starting my day with a sweet gesture from my little sister was a great start to my day! :) Mankato, MN


4/18/17- I got a flat tire on the side of the road. I was trying myself to repair ,but was struggling and a nice person saw my struggle and knew how to fix the tire and helped me out. I then gave them my coin. Mankato, MN

4/18/17- I gave my coin to a girl named Isari. I was on crutches because of a ankle injury and was getting food in the dining hall. I was having a hard time carrying my plate while on crutches and she came up to me and asked if I needed help. She carried my plate to my table for me as well as got me something to drink. I was very appreciative of her act of kindness. Mankato, MN


3/27/17- While I was working in a memory care unit, a 6th grade boy came out with his father to visit a resident in the unit. When they were leaving I was doing an activity with the other residents and he made his dad stop because he wanted to hangout with the other residents too. He stayed for an hour and he made the residents day by staying and doing activities with them. Waseca, MN


3/28/17- Jen promotes Disaster Preparedness and Practice Events at the Local Hospital/Clinic and for our community. Great work Jen Thanks for keeping us up to date and prepared. Madelia, MN


3/14/17- I gave this coin to a guy who was helping this girl carry her stuff back into the dorms when we came back from spring break. She had a bunch of luggage to bring in that she couldn't all carry in one trip, so this guy was helping her and he didn't even know her. I gave the coin to him to recognize his kindness. Mankato, MN

3/26/17- I received this coin from a girl while I was helping someone carry some of their stuff back to the dorms when we came back from spring break. The girl who gave me the coin asked if I knew the person I helped and I said no but she looked like she needed a hand so I offered to help. Mankato, MN


4/3/17- I gave this coin to my roommate Bre because I was having a stressful day dealing with all my classwork and she surprised me with my favorite raspberry smoothie from Jazzman's cafe and watched Harry Potter with me so I could take my mind off of homework for a bit. It was nice for her to take the time out of her day to help me out! Mankato, MN

4/4/17- I was given this coin by a friend of mine named Hunter. I was surprised when she left me this coin because I felt as if I did what any friend would do when someone is having a rough day and make it better. I'm glad to know that bringing her a smoothie and watching her favorite movie with her made a big difference in her day. Mankato, MN


3/30/17-  I passed along the Minnesota Nickel to my co-worker, Carmen. Carmen is the kindest and most compassionate person I have ever met. She inspired me today at work when a mentally disabled older man came into the workplace. He was very lost and confused and seemed shaken up. She took her lunch break early to sit with him, made him coffee and talked with him about his day, what he was doing, and where he was headed. When she discovered the man needed help getting to where he was going, she took the rest of the day off and brought him to his destination and then later took him home. Carmen is the definiton of Minnesota Nice. She is a single mother whom could've greatly benefitted from the money she would have made today from a full shift at work, but sacrificed it to help a stranger. Truly inspiring. Mankato, MN

3/31/17- Yesterday I recieved this coin from a younger co-worker of mine. She gave it to me and explained her assignment with the wooden nickel. I was honored to be recognized for my deed, it is nice being noticed for your kindness in a world where everyone only seems to care about money or looks instead of being sympathetic to others. Today I passed the coin along to my youngest son, Joesph, in hopes that he will keep this unique project going at his school. Mankato, MN


3/3/17- As I was walking down on campus, I realized that I had to go to weicking center on campus and print some of physiology notes at the Student Support services computer lab. I went into the lab and sat down. There was a student next to me that I recognized. She used to come to the lab and print her notes. I said Hi and asked her what she was doing. She told me that she was a senior majoring in social work and she can not wait to graduate. I smiled. I told her that I was printing my physiology notes. She smiled. Then, when I figured that she was indeed an open student that shared her social work path and the struggles that she went through to get into the social work program at Minnesota State University, I discovered that she should be the one that should receive the Nickel. At that moment, I looked down at my schedule and realized that assignment was due for Nurs101. She was very pleased to receive the nickel. I explained the assignment that I was doing and she listened. I explained all the details and she told me that she will submit the assignment when she have time. She also put that in her schedule. It is indeed hard to find a person that is willing to put down your name on their schedule. she seemed to benefit from the experience and recall how good our community can be! Mankato, MN

3/3/17- I was at the Student Support Services computer lap at the Wiecking Center when a smiling young lady approached me and said hi and gave me a coin. I said hi to her and asked what the coin was for, and she told me it was for an act of kindness. It was definitely a kind gesture and made me smile. I’m a true believer of being kind, caring, and supportive human being makes all a better human beings. And this act of kindness definitely made my day. It inspires me to do similar simple act of kindness in my daily life. Mankato, MN


12/11/16- I volenteered at the Rochester art center and got this coin. Now I'm going to pass it on to someone else and I'll be able to see how far niceness goes.


3/3/17- Gave the coin to a colleague who volunteered to help with a project when no one else did.


3/24/17- I gave this coin to a co-worker. I feel that this co-worker went above and beyond by making an elder's day. This certain elder has been talking about wanting this special sweet treat from a certain place. The elder is unable to leave the building due to health concerns and doesn't have any family who visits very often. With them talking about how they want this "treat" one last time, my co-worker had gone out of their way and purchased what they wanted and surprised them with it. The glow on the elder's face when they received the "sweet" treat was priceless. Mankato, MN


4/7/17- A lady came up to our table and shared with us how she is making a difference in people's lives. For example: One of her acquaintances needed a pizza pan. She went and purchased one for this individual and put in on her desk. She did not leave her name. Her goal was to do something nice for someone and to let that person know that people care. Austin, MN


2/2/18- Got the coin today from my personal framer, Deb. Deb is a survivor in many ways. She is one of the nicest people I know. Had the honor of meeting her 10 year old Granddaughter, Avery, today. The apple does not fall from the tree is true. Just to see them together brings a smile to my face. Deb does framing and a different kind of art work. She has done many for our Veterans. Deb is passing her talent on to her Granddaughter. I am honored to say, I bought the first piece Avery has done. The US Flag, with a twist. It’s beautiful, and so are these two people. Deb has a heart, that is truly in the right place. The world could use many more like her. She is giving her Granddaughter a gift that will truly last a lifetime, knowledge. Rochester, MN


3/3/17- Countless moments of patience, empathy, and flexibility every day. Austin, MN

3/3/17- Gave the coin to a colleague who has a smile on her face 100% of the time. Austin, MN


11/8/2016- This coin was passed on to me while helping a voter in the general election. I was an election judge and just doing my job. Moorhead, MN

12/26/2016- Received from someone at a trade show in Fargo, ND.


4/30/17- I gave this coin to my roommate as I was moving out of the dorms. She made my first year experience in college so great. She dealt with my early 8 am classes and my late nights studying. She was always there when I was feeling homesick and missing my family. I am so grateful we meet and were able to go through dorm life together! Mankato, MN


4/28/17- Sunday morning on April 2nd after getting done with Mass in my hometown, my mom and I were getting ready to have a girl’s day shopping and decided we needed to fill up with gas before leaving. As I was standing in line at the local Kwik Trip, there were two people ahead of me, and the one was paying. It turns out the young adult male, approximately 20 years old, was short $3 on his purchase. The woman in front of me and behind him kindly approached and asked if he needed a couple of bucks, and the young man respectfully declined stating that he would just put a couple of items back on the shelf; however, the woman gestured to the cashier to add all of his items to her purchase and paid for them. Luckily, I had remembered to keep my coin in my purse because I carry it with me everywhere, and I took out the coin and explained the purpose of it, and asked if she would accept it. Her face glowed with a smile, she accepted it, and I asked for her name. She replied, “Patti.” I also wrote the link down on the back of her receipt so she could post her story online as well if she chose to do so. New Ulm, MN


4/25/17- I was in line in Chipotle to order my food. When a customer before me was getting ready to pay, he did not have enough money. Since he didn't have money, all the staff at Chipotle decided to chip in and help the customers out. I did not know who to give the MN nickel to since all the staff were apart of the Kindness I saw. So I decided to give the coin to the cashier since she was the one who talked to the other staff about it. I hope all good deeds gets passed on! Mankato, MN


4/28/17-  I gave this to Jane for doing me a favor so I could share a morning treat with the rest of the staff. Madelia, MN

3/22/17-  I found this sitting on my desk this morning after spending a little time helping my co-workers. I am not sure who put it there. I do not know what I did to deserve the coin! I sure do appreciate it though. :) Madelia, MN


5/1/17- I gave my Minnesota nickel to Morgan Metcalfe. I chose to give my nickel to her because she helped me when she didn’t have to. I was really struggling adjusting to college. I was homesick 24/7 and never made any friends. Since I didn’t really make any friends it was really hard to figure out assignments and class requirements on my own without bugging my professors. When I found out Morgan was in a couple of my classes, she was so kind to offer me help. She said I could always text her questions about anything I needed help with. Everyone always says you can ask them for help, but rarely do they ever follow through. Morgan always replied and made sure I understood. She was always so welcoming about it and used smiley faces all the time, so it didn’t feel like I was nagging her. Morgan ended up becoming one of my few friends at MSU. I’ll always remember her as being so kind and willing to help even when I knew she was super stressed and overwhelmed with her classwork. She just gave off the classic “Minnesota Nice” persona and demonstrates it well which made her more than deserving of my nickel. Mankato, MN

5/2/17- After receiving this coin I decided to pass it on to my mom because to me she really is "Minnesota Nice". She always is helping others and making sure other people's needs are taken care of. She volunteers at school, church, and other organizations to help those in need and she is such a great role model in my life. Her kindness is something that spreads to everyone around her and she really has a giving heart. I see all the amazing things she does for others and it inspires me to try and give back as much as her. Prior Lake, MN


4/7/17- A husband was pushing his wife in a wheelchair and then helping her get into their car. Austin, MN


3/30/17-  I gave this coin to a college freshmen named Heidi. Heidi shared a moment of kindness by buying supper for myself and two others while we were eating at Buffalo Wild Wings in Mankato, MN. Heidi is a sweet girl with a very kind heart! Mankato, MN


4/17/17- I gave this coin to one of my co-workers who went above and beyond to help me out with a problem I am facing outside of work. I currently sold my house and have not been able to find a new house to buy in time, so I am being forced to have to rent a very small townhouse for a few months while I continue my house search. With all the stuff I currently have in my house with my two kids, there was going to be no way it would all fit into a townhome. With the price of rent being so high I had voiced my concern one day amongst my co-workers that I wasn't sure how I was going to afford a storage unit on top of rent. Later that day, this wonderful co-worker of mine offered half of her garage for me to use as storage for the next few months until I am able to find a home with the space that I need. This kind and self-less gesture nearly brought tears to my eyes. I was so amazed and grateful for her caring, consideration of my tough situation and her genuine willingness to help me out in my time of need. That right there is a perfect example of 'Minnesota Nice' that I will never forget! Maplewood, MN


4/18/17- I gave this coin to a man I saw pick up some money a women dropped out of her pocket. I thought it was nice of him to give it back to her instead of keeping it. Mankato, MN

4/20/17- I received this coin for picking up a woman's money after seeing her drop it outside of the gas station. Mankato, MN


3/21/17- I was at work and someone leaving the restaurant held the door open for 2 older people in wheelchairs. Mankato, MN


2/13/2017- I am 5 years old. I received this coin at the Rochester Montessori School when i showed my kindness by helping two younger friends get their work when they could not reach it.

2/16/17- Jude, You showed kindness by helping another friend do their work. Thank you for being "Minnesota nice."

2/16/17- My 5 year old son was presented his nickel by his kindergarten teachers for showing kindness by helping a classmate fix his or her work.

2/22/17- My son showed kindness by helping a friend put something away at school :) Rochester, MN

2/23/17- Rowan, You showed your kindness by volunteering to clean the carpets. Thank you for keeping our classroom beautiful and for being "Minnesota Nice." Trisha and Clarisse Rochester Montessori School

3/3/17-  Clara helped a friend setting up the "addition strip work", and showed him how to start it. Showing great Leadership skills! Rochester, MN


3/22/17- I gave this coin to this lady pastor, Naomi. She drives all the way from the cities to MSU on Fridays to talk to students and share the word. She comes back on Sundays for service with us. I decided to give the coin to her because not everyone will drive to and from the cities during the weekend to spend time preaching and talking with college students. She buys her own gas and rents a car the days her car is not working. Aside that, she takes us to the store if we need anything for the week and drops us back at school. This to me is a great act of kindness which is rare.

3/37/17- This coin was given to me by one of my members from church, Annabel Sampson a student at MSU-Mankato, MN. Annabel have been very helpful from the day she started coming to church. She is always calling me and texting me with ideas on how to make church more fun so that other students can come and hear the word of God. She cares a lot about people and always wants to see people happy.


4/7/17- A volunteer who helps out at Salvation Army. Austin, MN


4/7/17- A gentleman was cleaning up after people had left a mess. Austin, MN


4/20/17-  I gave this coin to a customer at a coffee shop as I saw he bought coffee for two strangers because they forgot to bring money with them. Maybe it is a simple act to others, but it warmed my heart when the man did it. Mankato, MN


3/13/17- I passed this coin to my work supervisor Paul. He is passionate about his work and got good sense of humor. He consistently tries to bring the best out of us in work and motivates us. I really appreciate his kindness and good company towards all of us working with him. It is about last summer, when I worked for him. It is usually so hot around in summer. And it was quite difficult for me to walk all the way from home to workplace as buses don't run during that time. He always picked us up from our doorsteps and brought us to work so that we don't have to suffer from harsh temperature during summer. That was really kind of him. Mankato, MN

3/23/17- I received this coin from one of my student painter. I have never heard about this concept. It is a very neat idea. It is a unique thing about Minnesota nice nickel that no other state has. The student painter I received it from is one of the most positive people I have ever met. She has morals, she is always happy, slightly grumpy when the weather is below zero. And she is always nice and kind to everybody. And with these personal attributes, she will do well in life. Mankato, MN


5/4/17- I gave the coin to a boy on my hall floor. I had been getting ready to leave campus for the summer and was loading up my car. As I was about ready to leave I noticed I had left my car lights on the whole time and when I went to start it my battery was dead. I no longer had my room key and all my friends had already left for the summer. I messaged my floor and a guy that I had never really got to know went out to the parking lot, got his vehicle, and jumped my car. He refused any money and just told me to drive safe! Very blessed. Mankato, MN


3/24/17- I was at one of the Caribou Coffee shops in Mankato MN and a girl that I know was front of me in line and she just randomly bought my whole order. I was so thankful and I handed her my nickel! Mankato, MN


3/24/17-  I know a girl who is always willing to help others when it comes to their Chemistry homework, even if she's busy herself. Mankato, MN


4/4/17- Saw a women walking down the street past pier 39, with a daughter in here arms while pushing a stroller. While passing a homeless women sitting on the side of the street, she took the time so hand this homeless women a banana. No matter how much she had going on she took the time to stop and feed this women, and I thought it was very kind of her. San Fransisco, CA


4/11/17- I'm going through a busy season of life. It had been a couple of months since I'd been in contact with friends. My good friend, Sara, texted me, "Haven't seen you in a while. Hope school is going well. Can I bring a meal to you and your family some time this week?" She wasn't mad at my neglecting our friendship. Instead, she extended patience and understanding. Mankato, MN

4/20/17- My friend, Molly, gave me this coin, which was so sweet of her! Thanks for your friendship, Molly! Mankato, MN


3/19/17- I gave the coin to my roommate after she finished my laundry and dishes while I had been sick. Mankato, MN

4/3/17-  I received this coin from my roommate after I noticed she was not feeling well and had a couple loads of laundry do to and her days worth of dishes. Mankato, MN


4/21/17- I gave this coin to a deserving person that works tremendously hard without getting noticed. She works for an after school program called Girls on The Run. The purpose of this program is to help girls in grades 3-5 build confidence in themselves. Being a coach, has been such a rewarding experience and it would not be possible without her help. She deserves more than just the nickel for how kind she is. Mankato, MN


2/13/2017- Bought 5 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.


3/29/17- I am further passing on this nickel to Sue Flynn. She donated her time to assist me in a spirituality assignment. Her volunteer work in Habitat for Humanity and her activism in women's rights is admirable. Also, her ways of keeping her family's traditions and culture in the Jewish faith is important in today's "melting pot" culture. Winona, MN


4/25/17- My co-worker gave it to me for being generally nice hand helpful. And she is as well! We usually go out of our way to be kind and decent to each other. It makes the day enjoyable! Mankato, MN


4/20/17- I gave my coin to a student that was willing to take a minute out of their day to simply hold the door open for another student who was on crutches. It was not something difficult that they did but an act like that not only brought a smile to my face but I'm sure the boy on crutches felt a little relief to have one less obstacle in his way. Mankato, MN


3/6/17- Countless moments of patience, empathy, and flexibility every day from our office manager.Austin, MN


3/29/17- I initially was not sure why I got this nickel or from whom it came, it appeared on my chair while I was elsewhere in the building. But it made my HEART HAPPY that someone had left it for me. Madelia, MN

4/4/17- This coin was given to me by Deidre Hruby, RN DOPC, she will do extra little fun things to make meetings more enjoyable such as having people at her home for get togethers. She is always willing to go the extra mile for someone. Madelia, MN


3/27/17- In line to get my morning coffee today and the person in front of me paid for my drink! we had a quick chat and thats when I thought that Greg deserved the MN Nice Nickel!! Shakopee, MN

3/27/17- After making my journey home from college I must have forgotten my wallet somewhere. Thats when i received a call from Jane who had picked it up at a gas station for me 40 miles away and got in contact with me. She found a membership card in my wallet, called the company to get my information and helped return my wallet to me! so generous of her to use her time return it with nothing missing. Mankato, MN

3/27/17-  I decided I am giving my Minnesota nice nickel to Ben Meyer. The situation happened so suddenly when I dropped all on my books in-between two doorways on my way to my next class. Ben stopped what he was doing to pick them all up for me. After it was resolved he told me he hopes my day would get better. That is when I handed off my nickel to ben. Mankato, MN


3/22/17- I gave this coin to our hospital HR Director, Tessie. She is such a joy to work with and always has a smile on her face! I love working with her and her positive attitude! Madelia, MN


2/19/17- I received this coin after I was just helping out at an event at my campus church helping out with an event. It's nice to know that people recognize when you're just trying to help out and it goes to show I'm doing a good job if people notice.

2/19/17- I was at the St. Thomas More Newman Center here in Mankato, when i saw a young man. He was very nice to everyone and made people feel welcome. He volunteered to help with the church's Theology on Tap and helping people find what they needed. The whole time the speaker was talking, he was running around to make sure everything was going smoothly for the event. I decided to give him the Minnesota nickel to recognize how nice he was to offer his own personal time to help other people learn more about God and make the night enjoyable. To me Minnesota nice includes volunteered work and helping others out of the kindness of our hearts.

4/27/17- My name is Maddison. I volunteer at the Mayo Clinic here in Mankato. I was helping clean wheelchairs that the hospital would use to discharge patients when all of a sudden a man walked up to me and handed me this coin. He wanted me to have it because he thought what I was doing was "Minnesota Nice" which I didn't understand until I looked at the coin. Receiving this coin made me feel like the work I was doing wasn't going unnoticed which made me smile because I sometimes feel like that. It was nice to get some recognition because sometimes I wonder if I should keep doing this or just focus on my school work. After receiving the coin I knew that this is something I need to keep doing because it may not feel like I am doing much there but it makes an impact at the hospital. Mankato, MN


3/27/17- I gave this nick to two boys that live in the dorms with me. I was moving out my futon with my mother and they had offered to do it for us. I thought that was a very kind thing they did and something they definitley didn't have to help with. Mankato, MN


4/26/17-  I gave my Minnesota Nickel to a male college student who saw a fellow MSU student struggling to carry some heavy boxes out to their car. The male offered to help the other student to carry his boxes. I thought this was truly a kind act because it seemed like the students know each other, but that did not stop the male from offering his strength. Mankato, MN

4/27/17- I saw a police officer get out of his car to take a picture with a kid who was in a police costume. I then gave the coin to the officer. Mankato, MN


4/18/17-  I gave my coin to one of my good friends, Elaina. Elaina perfectly embodies "Minnesota Nice" because she is nice to everyone she sees and is always doing things to help others. She always can cheer me up no matter what and she is always there for me if I need someone to talk to. She doesn't judge people or say bad things about anyone and her outlook on life is so positive. One time she offered to drive me and my roommate to the store even though she didn't need anything because we don't have cars. It's those little things that she does that show how kind she really is and I am grateful to know someone like her. Mankato, MN

4/27/17- I gave this coin to Morgan because is one of the nicest, kindest, and most genuine people I know. She loves laughter and cheering people up. She can always make me smile and reminds me that a vibrant life needs laughter and joy in it. Morgan is selfless and considers others before she considers herself. She has a servant's heart and is very friendly to anyone she meets. Morgan is the epitome of someone who represents what it looks like to truly be "Minnesota Nice". Mankato, MN


4/18/17-  I was in line at the cafeteria at MSU, Mankato. The girl in front of me forgot her card or money in order to get in, but as she was walking away someone in line stopped her and offered to pay for her meal with her credit card. Mankato, MN


4/22/17- I was doing homework in the library on campus, which was pretty empty. I had my open water bottle sitting next to my computer, and of course, I accidentally knocked it over onto my laptop. Some nice guy that I have never met before, came up to me from a few tables away and handed me a huge stack of napkins and helped me clean up the mess quickly. I gave him my coin because he ran over to help me instead of ignoring what happened like everyone else. My computer could have been ruined if he didn't rush over to help me, and I can't thank him enough for his 'Minnesota Nice' act. Mankato, MN


4/3/17- Recently I was at the Starbucks located near my campus, and when I went up to order my coffee the cashier told me that the woman infant of me had already paid for my coffee. She decided to pay it forward, which inspired me to do the same thing for the person behind me. Mankato, MN


3/17/17- I gave my coin to a co-worker of mine when I was home for the weekend. I was feeling very ill and just having a hard time staying focused at work. Although she had prior plans, she offered to stay and extra three hours to cover the end of my shift so that I could go home and rest. This is not something she had to do, but it was an act of kindness that went a long way. Mankato, MN


6/8/20- Handed to me by a coworker for helping her out with a task in our lab. Rochester, MN


10/25/2016- I spent two days with gracious, creative, and inspiring people at the Rural Creative Placemaking Summit in Iowa City. It's wonderful to meet like-minded people who care about our rural towns and have developed innovative ways to keep those places interesting and vital.


4/17/17- I gave this coin to my best friend to show her how much I appreciate her. I was feeling down one day and she came over with her bluetooth speaker and started to play my favorite songs. She helped me get out of my bed and had me dance along to the songs with her. This act of kindness reminded me of why she has been such a good impact in my life, and helped change my mood all together. She continues to always help me when I am down and I really appreciate having her in my life. Mankato, MN


3/22/17- I was given this coin by our hospital administrator, Candy Fenske. Candy's "Minnesota Nice" is portrayed in both her professional and personal life. She expresses true caring to employees and MCHC patients that enter our facility. She is a strong, positive advocate for Rural Health Care and Health Care availability in our community. I passed my coin to Mary Ulmen, one of our receptionists. She is usually the "first impression" when a patient enters the clinic. She treats all who cross her path with a smile and true "MN Nice". She makes it easy to come to work everyday. Madelia, MN


12/13/2016-  I received this from Su Legatt at a Moorhead Art and Culture Commission meeting, here in Moorhead, MN. Thank you, Su for your NICENESS and contributions to Art & Culture in Moorhead!

12/30/2016- I received this coin from a co-worker. The story is simple, she said it was for letting her bounce ideas off of me and taking the time to talk about them; I equally appreciate the ability to do that with co-workers and can't imagine a work place without it.


3/22/17- Removed a friends' stitches. Rochester, MN

3/22/17- Yesterday, Candy V. went out of her way to help me find boxes. I have been stress about a move and her simple kindness lightened my spirit. It is a pleasure to see Candy in the hallways she always has a smile which brightens my spirit. Thanks so much. I learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. - Maya Angelou. Rochester, MN


4/25/17- After a long and hard traveling period from CA back home, one of the people in my car realized they had a large insect on their sweatshirt. In a moment of fear she threw her entire sweatshirt out the window. We tried to turn around and get it by going into some ones front yard, and unfortunately getting stuck in the mud. Not only did the owner have her father pull us out of the mud she saw that we had not gone back to get the sweatshirt. So, she took it upon herself to retrieve it for us, wash it, and give it to the school to give back to us. It was a hard time and we inconvenienced her but she still found it in herself to go out of her way to help us, it was very kind. Mankato, MN


3/21/17- Received Minnesota Nickel after doing a story on how the project is being used in Minnesota State University - Mankato's Nursing 101 class. Mankato, MN


4/6/17- I gave this “Minnesota Nice” token to my friend, Jean. Since I’ve moved to Honolulu, Hawaii, from the Wisconsin/Minnesota region, Jean has enriched my cultural experience living here. She is always teaching me the meaning of the Hawaiian and Japanese words that I’m learning. Jean grew up in Hawaii and has Japanese ancestry so she’s an expert in both cultures to me. Jean tells me about traditions and the culture behind holidays and food. She often makes different foods on certain holidays and has me try them. For example, Kuromama is a Japanese dish that is eaten on New Year’s Day for good health. Along with culture, she teaches me about Hawaii, it lands, and history. When different events take place on Oahu, she informs me of them so I can go and take part. When thinking about “Minnesota Nice”, Jean is a perfect example because of her generosity, kindness, intelligence, and cultural background that she shares with others. Honolulu, HI

4/17/18- Lauren is one of my mom's nurses in the carehome she lives in. Her youthful enthusiasm brings spark to what may otherwise be humdrum days for my 98 year old mother and seven other ladies who are also in their 80s and 90s. For my mom's birthday Lauren asked her what kind of cake she wanted. On prompting she said that she would like a cheesecake with fresh strawberries. That is exactly what Lauren made for her. Baking special treats is something she enjoys doing, all part of her effort to make things fun. On occasion she has taken the ladies outdoors to play (exercise) with a parachute. Other times they do standup exercises at the table before dinner. The mani and pedicures that the ladies regularly receive add a bit of glamour to their lives. Lauren is a very special caring person. Honolulu, HI


3/21/17- I gave mine to one of my classmates one day after class, I missed class the day before and we had a test the next day. She knew that I was lost and did not understand what we were learning. At the end of the class she offered to teach me what I missed. She showed me her notes and explained everything I missed in class. Mankato, MN


4/1/17- I got this coin from a young female at caribou because I bought the two peoples coffees in line that were behind me.

4/1/17- I gave this coin to a guy in front of me at Caribou coffee because I heard him quietly tell the cashier that he would like to pay for the next two peoples orders and he handed them 30 dollars. It was clear he didn't expect anything in return and did this good deed out of the sweetness of his heart!


4/20/17- I gave this coin to Andrea for going above and beyond in helping families get needed services. Madelia, MN

4/24/17-  I gave this coin to Dona because she is always helping me and is always there when I need to talk to someone. Madelia, MN


4/3/17- I had serious seizure to the extend that my friends thought I was going to die because the seizure would not stop. Before the campus security came they made sure they did their best to stabilize me even though none of them are majoring in any health sciences. They made sure I was okay and would always check up on me. Mankato, MN


4/4/17- I gave my Minnesota nickel to my friend Chris because we were coming out of a restaurant near campus and it was raining. He saw two girls with out rain jackets and decided to give them a ride back to their dorm room. I thought this was a nice gesture because most often drivers do not stop and ask people who are waking if they want a ride. Mankato, MN


3/3/17- Acknowledged a colleague for bringing a sense of humor to work. Austin, MN


3/29/17- This last weekend, was my weekend to work. I work in a small-town hospital in SW MN, 12 hour shifts and on the weekends, we have two RN’s and possibly one aide to all inpatient(s), ER(s), OB and outpatient(s). Most of the time you feel as if your drowning when it comes to nurse/patient ratio, especially if ER gets crazy or trauma(s) arrive. There is no specializing, you must know a little bit about everything because you never know which card you will be dealt. This last weekend three out of our 6 patients would be discharged and signed into hospice the following week. I was caring for two of the qualified hospice patients. The elderly man I had, had just been admitted from Mayo on the previous Friday for inpatient swing bed. He was coming back to his hometown to die. Family was aware of hospice starting and the prognosis but you could tell they were not understanding the process or prepared for how fast he was declining. After educating and performing comfort cares all weekend, his granddaughter came to me at the nurses’ desk to ask if we could get him home to see his farm site one last time. This man was at the point of already, being in and out of consciousness and confused. He was bedridden and his extremities were not moving much. His words were not able to be understood well and his vital signs were progressing in the usual direction. He was declining fast. Once she asked me that question, my heart sank, I stated “I will do some checking and get back to you”. I gave her no inkling that this is going to be a very hard task due to his state and that it is a Sunday afternoon. In my head, I was thinking, (1) he is not a hospice patient yet, (2) there are limited resources on the weekend, (3) it was a Sunday afternoon, and (4) I had never been asked this question before and did not know who would help us figure it out. I also knew I would not be calling our DON for assistance. The other nurse and I did some brainstorming. She worked on the local ambulance crew and knew that they would not transfer home for a quick trip due to liability and regulations. I had heard of remarkable “last wish” stories like this before but did not know how it was done. This poor man did not have much longer to go but I had a lot of determination behind me to make this happen. I went into the doctor’s lounge and called the on-call hospice nurse. The hospice nurse had met with this patient the previous Friday upon admit, they had decided not to pick him up yet due to the upcoming weekend and for the fact that the hospital cannot legally have a hospice patient in the hospital unless they are paying privately. I told her the story and she was beyond helpful! After brainstorming together on the phone and going through our options it was not sounding hopeful. She said that requests like this need 48 hours and since he is not a hospice patient we would need to find people to donate money for the ambulance ride. Even though he wasn’t a hospice patient yet, I asked if she would come visit with the family again and explain the hurdles. She agreed and arrived within 5-10 minutes. Once she arrived she stopped at nurses’ station and suggested we discharge him home to die. I knew that discharging was not what the family had in mind. She spent much time with the family discussing the topic. At first, his wife was hesitant because she was worried that she would do something wrong or not have family around to assist her. After deep family discussion, I received the final answer. Family would be taking him home and hospice would have him signed up right away, Monday AM. The bed and all the necessities would be set-up in his living room prior to his arrival. The great nurse I was working with called the chief of the ambulance and approved a ride home for him. When all plans were verbally in place, family told the patient Sunday late afternoon that he would be going home, they said a big smile came to his face that confirmed their decision was the right way to go. My weekend consists of Mondays also so I would be there Monday AM to follow through with all plans and make sure everything was done in a timely fashion. Monday AM came and after seeing the patient, I made some quick phone calls to the doctor and hospice nurse because the patient was declining fast. The ambulance arrived at 0845 to bring him home. Once home, a bed bath was given in his living room with the family’s assistance, the hospice nurse said he woke for a few seconds, opened his eyes and looked around his living room and then out the front picture window to their pond where the geese were. That evening he passed in the comforts of his home with his family by his side. I am so thankful to the hospice nurse that came Sunday to assist me with planning, even though he was not a hospice patient. Prior to starting work this weekend, I was on alert for scenarios to use my wooden nickel on. The perfect one came up for me and I had it delivered in an envelope to her office with a great explanation and why I choose her. I have not heard anything from her yet and do not know if she received it. I wrote on the note that it was her choice to submit the story. This experience was very humbling and the hospice nurse and I agreed that it’s moments like this that remind you, you’re doing the right thing and making a huge difference. Boyd, MN​


2/10/2017-  A 5 year old boy, asked a friend if they could use a hug when they were feeling sad.

2/16/17- Ishaan showed kindness by being respectful in the classroom and following the classroom guidelines. He was Minnesota Nice.

2/22/17- My daughter Clara (4 yrs old) showed her kindness by trying to get to know a friend better during snack today. Rochester, MN

2/23/17- Evan showed his kindness by making sure a friend was okay after they fell. Rochester, MN​

3/1/17- Helped a friend to pour a glass of water at snack time and refilled the pitcher. Rochester, MN



4/17/17- At first, I was waiting to hand my nickel to someone who I witnessed do a big example of MN Nice but as I waited for this to happen I realized that it's many little acts of kindness that make the biggest impact. Therefore I gave the nickel to someone who I have seen do many small gestures that make someones day including opening doors, having a conversation with someone who needs it, offering help whenever it's needed, and simply acknowledging others and saying hello. I determined this to be MN Nice because I feel that there are many people who would be willing to do any of these for a person, something I have noticed that people in other cities are not always willing to do. Mankato, MN

4/23/17- I received this nickel from a friend of mine who told me that I show constant signs of MN nice that are simple, everyday things we should all be doing. Mankato, MN


7/10//17- My future brother in law Scott came for a visit. I was working on a landscaping job and he was instrumental in helping to make it happen-edging the space, to digging dirt, to helping to pick out plans, and planting. It was a joy to share the chore and be creative together. - A BIG thank you Scott Teri Rochester, MN


9/25/17- "Maybe a patient gave it to me I cant remember." My Grandma (who is a nurse.) Rochester, MN


4/15/17- Gus you are an amazing friend ans sojourner:) thanks so much for your help with the move!!!!! Rochester, MN


4/15/17- For friends who making moving happen. Thanks from Shelli and Teri. Rochester, MN


4/15/17- Amazing friends who are there to help with a move. Thanks from Shelli and Teri. Rochester, MN


2/26/19- Helping in the gym. Rochester, MN


4/6/17- Brother- & Sister-in-law offered to give us a ride to North-central MN to celebrate Grandma's birthday. Savage, MN


7/5/17-  I was working at Scheels, and I was having a bad day. It started off by the hot water being out, so I had to take a cold shower. My car stalled in the middle of the driveway, so I had to walk to work uphill both ways. And as I was walking to work a car drove through a puddle and drenched me. As I was walking in the front door of Scheels, my manager yells infront of all the customers saying it's my last strike and I'm fired. I was helping a guy fix his bike, which had been used to bike all the way across the United States. He was appreciative of his unique bike being fixed, so he gave me the coin. The coin turned my day from bad to good. Fargo, ND


3/17/17- I found the coin in the parking lot at Lakeland University. Sheboygan, WI


9/30/17- Me friend Willa gave it to me. She gave one to everyone in our kindergarten class. she gave them to us to be nice. Duluth, MN


5/3/17- I had been carrying the nickel around with me for a while, waiting for the right person to give it to. Someone who just did the good deed because they wanted to, not because some outside source made them. When I had just about given up, I was walking across campus one day and saw a man who I see most days. He walks with a cane and has a slight limp. He was carrying a stack of books and had dropped them. Just as I started to walk over to help him, a guy who was clearly in a hurry before stopped to help the man pick up his books. I walked over to him after he finished and asked if he had heard of the Minnesota Nice Project. He said no and I handed him the nickel and told him about. After I explained he asked why I gave it to him, and I immediately knew I picked the right person. I could tell he was genuinely curious about why I chose him and I told him it was because he helped that man. He just looked at me and said, “Who wouldn’t stop to help?”. I wanted to say most people would have kept walking and said not my problem, but he just smiled and continued to his next class. Before I had this encounter, I was pretty discouraged because I only saw people who helped because they were prompted or because they wanted to impress people. We have become a society who do nice things because we think it will make us look better. In a perfect world, people would do nice things because it is the right thing to do and people deserve to be treated well. People should take time to stop and look around and see the good in the world. Once they do this, they will be more compelled to be a part of that good and do nice things. Mankato, MN

5/4/17- I had been carrying the nickel around with me for a while, waiting for the right person to give it to. Someone who just did the good deed because they wanted to, not because some outside source made them. When I had just about given up, I was walking across campus one day and saw a man who I see most days. He walks with a cane and has a slight limp. He was carrying a stack of books and had dropped them. Just as I started to walk over to help him, a guy who was clearly in a hurry before stopped to help the man pick up his books. I walked over to him after he finished and asked if he had heard of the Minnesota Nice Project. He said no and I handed him the nickel and told him about. After I explained he asked why I gave it to him, and I immediately knew I picked the right person. I could tell he was genuinely curious about why I chose him and I told him it was because he helped that man. He just looked at me and said, “Who wouldn’t stop to help?”. I wanted to say most people would have kept walking and said not my problem, but he just smiled and continued to his next class. Before I had this encounter, I was pretty discouraged because I only saw people who helped because they were prompted or because they wanted to impress people. We have become a society who do nice things because we think it will make us look better. In a perfect world, people would do nice things because it is the right thing to do and people deserve to be treated well. People should take time to stop and look around and see the good in the world. Once they do this, they will be more compelled to be a part of that good and do nice things. Mankato, MN


5/23/17- Customer enjoyed his experience golfing with us. Tower, MN


5/4/17- I was at a twins game on this beautiful day. The game had ended, and we were walking to find a place to eat. We approached a stoplight where we had to wait to walk across, in the mean time there was an elder man standing at a little stand on the street. He was with an association that helped provide to those without homes. He was asking people walking by if they wanted to donate money to this association. As we were walking by that, a man walked up to his stand, and we overheard that this guy had donated $1,000 to this homeless persons' association. Minneapolis, MN


3/23/17- Emily brought me flowers when I was feeling down. Mankato, MN


7/5/19- I received this nickel from a coworker for providing excellent customer service while helping people find employment. Willmar, MN


3/27/17- My sister sent me a care package when I was under a lot of stress recently. Loaded with chocolate, bath salts, lotion and popcorn!! She is a very caring person! St. Cloud, MN


7/19/18- This coin goes to Shelli Knopik for taking the time to show me around town and introducing me to her friends. Helping me shop for my family also. She’s such a sweet heart! Seward, AK


2/18/18-  I received this nickel from a coworker for excellent customer service while helping people find employment. Wilma, MN


2/18/18- I received this coin from my grandma for raising money for Jump Rope for Heart. I wanted to help people who don't have healthy hearts. Rosemount, MN

2/24/18- I received this nickel from my friend's daughter. I helped her with a school project, and she sent me this nickel as a thank you! Baton Rouge, LA


3/27/17- My sister went beyond the call of duty when we came to visit. Not only did she feed us awesome food but, gave each of us special gifts...just because! St. Cloud, MN


3/27/17- My favorite Auntie Barbie sent me this nickel in the mail with the cutest greeting card with 2 young girls dressed as nuns. New London, MN

3/27/17- My niece in Spicer, MN went out of her way to a day at the salon, doing my hair and nails. She pampered me and I loved it since I seldom take time for those kind of things. She is a real sweet heart. St. Cloud, MN


3/27/17- Dustin is an appliance tech at Benusa here in St. Cloud and just repaired my stove. He was very nice and did an awesome job. A cheerful kinda guy! St. Cloud, MN


3/27/17- Cory was just here from Benusa Appliance to fix my stove. He and his partner, Dustin, had to make extra trips to get it done. They were very friendly and pleasant young men. Cory and I shared a couple stories from farming days and decided what we do now is much better! St. Cloud, MN


2/6/21- While attending a quilting class, a woman I didn’t know gave me this Minnesota Nickel and thanked me for helping and welcoming her to the class. St. Cloud, MN


12/7/17-  I mailed this coin to Beth in Bismarck, ND. She has helped me and the association that I represent with a very difficult transition. She has been very kind and compassionate, helpful with her guidance, and one of the best personal bankers I have ever encountered. Thank you, Beth!


5/12/17- We received this token from this woman who runs the kitchen at a local homeless shelter. She is always working hard, day after day, week after week, cooking and cleaning and putting up with the personalities. I don't know how She does it but She must have some serious patience. We must have done something nice for Her... No big deal :) Moorhead, MN


3/15/17- I was given this coin after speaking at church, ironically, about the importance of empathy in the lenten season. Moorhead, MN


4/7/18- I was recently diagnosed with MS. The nurse who taught me to give myself injections was very kind, funny, and patient. I gave her this nickel as a thank you. Moorhead, MN


10/18/17- I found it at work... which was nice. Moorhead, MN


2/18/18- I work at a grocery store as a first job, a lady dropped her sushi she had payed for. I helped her clean up, and ran back to grab her a new one. There weren’t any ones left of the one she had first picked up. So, I grabbed her the nicest one I could find and payed for it for her. That’s where I received this coin from her. Moorhead, MN


3/23/17- I received this coin from a fellow Army Wife as we worked on a project to help other Army families. She's a great example of "Minnesota Nice" and I'm lucky to know her. Fort Bragg, NC


3/20/17- Coach Judy is always there for us to listen, encourage and care! She is a Team Builder :), Fayetteville, NC


4/7/18- Helped someone carry a heavy object. Fayetteville, NC


12/13/17- Our coin appeared in our mailbox. My husband handed it to me and said "hon, someone must have left this for you." I don't know who left it but I'd like to think that my moment of "niceness" made a difference in someone's day. Fayetteville, NC


4/19/19- Gave Christmas to a needy family. Fayetteville, NC


12/7/17- Participating in a local event, Party with a Purpose, that provides Christmas to families (vetted by the school social worker) who would otherwise not have Christmas. I lead one team of many that shop, wrap and deliver the gifts along with non-perishable food, cleaning supplies and paper products. I received the Minnesota Nickel for organizing our team and encouraging them in this great endeavor that completely benefits others!


3/29/17- This MN Nickel holder is a kind, understanding, giving and soft spoken Healthcare Provider in a rural community. She is trying to find her way in this community with a very different culture and ethnic back ground from her own. I find her to have a inner strength and courage. Wishing her well on her career and journey in Healthcare. Madelia, MN


3/29/17- The holder of this Nickel is truly a dedicated nurse. She is the manager of Home Health Care in a rural area. She not only manages a large team of HHC nurses she also is not afraid to make visits providing baths, tidying up bathrooms and kitchens. Many times these situation are among the poorest of the county and living conditions are horrible. Thank this caregiver for her dedication. Madelia, MN

4/10/17- I passed this nickel on to one of my co-workers who always is accountable - she takes the clients best interest in consideration before her own. Madelia, MN

4/10/17- Candy Fenske CEO of Madelia Hospital & Clinic inquires about the daily activities of the home care staff. She is supportive of our endeavors to provide quality home care services to our community. Madelia, MN


3/29/17- It was with pleasure to give this kind lady the MN Nickel. She is kind and giving to all employees where she works and always with a smile. Madelia, MN

3/29/17- It is with pleasure I gave this lovely lady a MN Nickel. She is always smiling and kind to her fellow workers. Madelia, MN


3/29/17- This Art, Music Major and teacher found his way to this small rural community to become the Executive Director of a Hospital/Clinic foundation and we call it a miracle. Best thing that every happened to the Foundation. Thanks. Madelia, MN

4/26/17- I received this coin for Mentoring Reading and Math. Thank you to Bruce, Dale, Steve, Dan, Bev, Jodi for your volunteering your time for Reading and Math. Lake Crystal, MN

4/26/17- This woman worked tirelessly to bring "reading buddies" to Madelia Elementary School. Her persistence has enabled 1st and 2nd graders to practice their reading skills and become better readers. I'm one of the volunteers and my life is richer because of my interactions with the students! Madelia, MN


3/29/17- It is with pride to tell you about this Nickel holder. She works tirelessly to bring quality and safe housing for residents this rural community. Thanks for your diligent work. Madelia, MN


3/29/17- I gave my coin to Chris, Ashley, Liz, Katie, Betty, and Renee, the nurses and volunteers who run our twice monthly Foot Clinic. This program was started a few years ago, after feedback from hospital, clinic and home care nurses that many people were unable to properly care for their feet, either from age or disability. Due to the dedication of this group of women, many people in our community have healthier, more attractive and comfortable feet! Truly a Minnesota Nice program offered from our community hospital! Madelia, MN

3/29/17- The Nickel holder is a DEDICATED Lab Technician with more integrity than any person I have know. Madelia, MN


3/29/17- I passed this Nickel to one organized lady that keeps all the Homecare Nurses on schedule. Great Work. Madelia, MN


3/29/17- Have you every known a Hospital Cook that is a counselor? This person is the one. And oh by the way a wonderful cook..... Madelia, MN


2/2/18- My senior year of high school two of my classmates and myself started 'Students Making A Difference' in our English class 'genius hour' in which we needed to come up with a service project to give back. We put together hygiene kits for adults and children in need in the Perham community. After we graduated I kept this going and SU Legatt a Perham grad heard about us and reached out and gave me a coin and a bag full. Every donation we get we send out a thank you and each one contains a coin. Perham, MN


5/22/17- I received the coin from Joseph in St James, MN. We were participating in a racial justice activity called "It's Time to Talk" sponsored by the YWCA in Mankato, MN. The project encourages people to share their experiences with race and work toward solutions for their communities. Joseph gave a coin to each member of our group. Mankato, MN


4/30/18- Me and my daughter went to target on our way to a good friends birthday party (last min. Birthday gift run). Yeah I know don't judge me haha. Anywho there was a nice lady in the toy section with us. She had a small infant with her. This lady was very polite and asked my daughter to help pick a gift for a girl about her age. My daughter was rewarded for her kind act with this wooden nickel. She hopes to pass it down to another child that has shown a kind act. Fargo, ND


6/17/17- I am mailing this coin to the owner of the Best Western Plus Motel in Raton, NM. Mike M. was so friendly and helpful to my sister and me when we stayed there for five days. The motel is a clean, friendly, and safe place to stay and visit the beautiful mountains. The breakfast buffet was delicious and well maintained. Moorhead, MN


8/15/17- When I met the artist Su Legatt, I was at a meeting talking about the community vision for the arts in Moorhead, MN. When people ask what I do for a living, I generally say I am "traditionally unemployed, but I write plays." When I said this to Su, she replied, "Oh, you're a playwright!" She immediately accepted me as a fellow artist. That is a kindness that means a great deal to me. As we chatted about each other's projects, she shared a nickel with me and encouraged me to pass it along. I am giving it to my new friend who is a graduate student from Iran. When we were arranging our first outing together, I expressed anxiety about the place we had chosen to meet. He thanked me for sharing my personal feelings with him and we arranged to meet elsewhere. This may seem like a small thing, but as someone with mental health issues, I cannot tell you how often people dismiss depression/anxiety as something people need to "get over." It meant so much to me that he was willing to accept me, even with my difficult traits, and work with me through a rough time. :-) Moorhead, MN


6/17/17- Su Legatt stop by the Kaddatz Gallery in Fergus Falls to pick some of her work. We chatted about the importance of art education to build creative skills in children. I helped her carry her art work to her car. Fergus Falls, MN


5/18/17-  I received the coin from my daughter. I gave the coin to a co -worker who everyday is so kind and thoughtful of all of us. :) Fargo, ND


6/21/17- " It's a Great Day " !! If you believe it will be a Great Day, It more than likely will be !! Pass It On! Parker's Prairie, MN


9/10/17-Each board member of the Lake Region Arts Council was given a MN nice coin from DeeDee Karls for our time and service dedicated toward bettering the arts and working on arts advocacy in the west central Minnesota area. DeeDee is such a sweetheart and she and Scott did a great job coordinating things to make LRAC's 40th Anniversary celebration at the Rourke in Moorhead, MN a truly a special event. Breckenridge, MN


6/24/17- I gave this coin to Molly who is in our State Office. Molly is always willing to help and has a genuine and personal desire for everyone's success. She is a treasure! Moorhead, MN


7/3/17-  Barista Sue at Moorhead Starbucks reflects her niceness every morning when I stop for coffee. She helps start my day on a positive note. Moorhead, MN


3/21/18- A gentleman at Costco put my cart away so I could put my son in his car seat. Fargo, ND


12/18/18- This coin was received on 12/16/2018. The kindness recognized was giving a child of a friend a ride to church to attend server training. Spicer, MN 

3/15/19-  I received this coin for picking up a friend’s daughter to honor a commitment, while my friend and another daughter were out of town. My friend was very grateful and gave me the coin. Spicer, MN


1/22/18- I did a health presentation on nutrition for the Girl Scouts in New London, MN on January 2nd, 2018. new London, MN


10/4/17-  I can't remember. I was drunk and spun and someone decided that I was worthy of the coin. Fargo, ND



3/1/18-  I belong to a senior softball club. We are a group of 55 to 70 year olds who love to play softball. My first year in the club I suggested that we should do a "community minded project". I started a food drive in our club. It's a one day event that is amazingly successful thanks to the generous members of our club. We partner with the St Vincent DePaul Cares in St Petersburg Fl. We have raised over 14 thousand dollars and 2 tons of food in 6 years. While I was given the nickel it is the entire club who performs this act of kindness! St. Petersburg, Fl


9/23/19- Paid for Sheriffs lunch at Subway today. Zimmerman, MN


7/7/18- Gave the coin to our young waitress who, despite the lunch rush, remained gracious and patient. Itasca State Park, MN


11/25/18- Received this coin when I offered the coin holder a ride from the gas station to their destination. Fargo, ND


5/26/18- My husband and I hosted a DISH event in our home. A dinner guest, Carl gave me coin when he left as a thank you for making a fun evening possible. New London, MN


6/10/18- A sales clerk gave my sister a birthday discount, which I don’t think is something hung they normally do. Maple Grove, MN


8/18/19- Feeding a near stranger without being asked. Duluth, MN


9/16/18- I was flying home and asked the flight attendant for a glass of wine. I didn’t have my wallet in my pocket so I told him once they passed I’d get it from the overhead and come back to pay. Well, once service was done I went back to the rear of the plane. He was chatting with a female attendant. I said to them I might as well get a second. He had to go up front for something and so she continued helping me. She gave me the little bottle and said this one’s on me. I told her I hadn’t paid for the first one either and she said not to worry about it - both were on her. She said just don’t tell anyone. I went back to the seat and found the wooden nickel and took it back to her and explained the project. I told her of course I wouldn’t mention her name, or even the airline name. Between Chicago and New Orleans


11/23/18- An attendant a Holiday gave my son a cookie when we were traveling home on Black Friday. Burnsville, MN


10/6/19- A friend of mine takes an elderly neighborhood gentleman who can no longer drive on frequent errands. He is isolated and limited. She began doing this when someone told her of his situation. An amazing humble and giving woman who volunteers in her community in many ways. Ouray, CO


11/17/18- The train attendant saw how excited my son was to ride/see the trains and gave him a cardboard train to play with. Totally made his day! Toronto, Ontario, Canada

11/17/18- Passing along a paper train to little boy. Toronto, Ontario, Canada


11/27/18- This coin was received on 12/16/2018. The kindness recognized was giving a child of a friend a ride to church to attend server training. Moorhead, MN


9/15/18- For sharing your story with us all. I am passing this one on to Andrew at Avis rental car for getting me a car when they didn’t have one. Fergus Falls, MN

9/15/18- One of the nicest customers I've had the pleasure of working with since I started working here! Fargo, ND


11/13/18- Our server went out if his way to engage with our son at dinner. It made the experience so much nicer! Toronto, Ontario, Canada


6/27/18- Gave this coin to a Parkland student who volunteered at a voter registration event. Amazing kids! Moorhead, MN


6/27/18- Gave this coin to a Parkland student who volunteered at a voter registration event. Amazing kids! Moorhead, MN


6/27/18- Gave this coin to a Parkland student who volunteered at a voter registration event. Amazing kids! Moorhead, MN


6/27/18- Gave this coin to a Parkland student who volunteered at a voter registration event. Amazing kids! Moorhead, MN


6/27/18- Gave this coin to a Parkland student who volunteered at a voter registration event. Amazing kids! Moorhead, MN


6/27/18- Gave this coin to a Parkland student who volunteered at a voter registration event. Amazing kids! Moorhead, MN


6/27/18- Gave this coin to a Parkland student who volunteered at a voter registration event. Amazing kids! Moorhead, MN


6/27/18- Gave this coin to a Parkland student who volunteered at a voter registration event. Amazing kids! Moorhead, MN


6/27/18- Gave this coin to a Parkland student who volunteered at a voter registration event. Amazing kids! Moorhead, MN


6/27/18- Gave this coin to a Parkland student who volunteered at a voter registration event. Amazing kids! Moorhead, MN


10/26/18- I was at work helping a lady adopt a kitten and there was a couple waiting on me who wanted to see a cat as well. When I finally got over to them I realized they wanted to see the kitten that just got adopted. I felt bad cuz they really seemed to like her so I let them play with her before the new mom came back with the carrier. They thought that it was super nice that I still let them get some kitty snuggles so the man gave me this coin. I thought that was super awesome and this project was s really sweet idea! Not only did they notice I was trying to be nice but it made me feel super good too:) go Minnesota!! Richfield, MN


8/13/18- Gave this coin to a little boy at the coffee shop who kept jumping up from his table to open the door the people. Moorhead, MN


8/17/18- A friend offered to watch our dogs on short notice. Moorhead, MN


11/24/18- The lady at Tutti Frutti gave us two tubs of yogurt! Moorhead, MN


4/17/23-  I received this coin from my sister-in-law after helping out in her home. Big Sky, MT


4/17/23- Manners. Big Sky, MT


1/13/19- I received this coin from a school friend after she moved away and we started corresponding by letters. Today I am passing it along to my aunt, who offered to fly me to NY to visit her and spend time with my extended family, and to see so so much beautiful art. Minnesota


12/23/20- My dear friend slipped this coin into a package she sent me for Christmas! We were college students together at Macalester five years ago, and she’s still in Minnesota while I’ve moved back to my home state of Alaska. So nice to have this bit of our shared history come visit me, especially while covid is enforcing physical separation. Anchorage, AK


10/25/19- Made a purchase at a vendor show. Moorhead, MN


3/14/18- Nik Nak Nate, a member of the APEX fundraiser team, came to our Meadowview Elementary 4th grade class today and taught us the importance of being UNIQUE... He encouraged us to be different and explained that sometimes it can be a challenge to let your YOU shine through!! Our class decided to give him a Minnesota Nickel. (Shortly afterwards he was mobbed by 25 students taking multiple pictures of him using their iPads!! ) Meadowview Elementary, Farmington, MN


3/21/18- Whoa! I’m stuck in a snowbank!! Today during recess Max helped classmate Hector out of a sticky situation twice! While searching for rocks, Hector got stuck in a snowbank and Max helped him out. Thanks Max! Farmington, MN


3/19/19- I gave this to my dad because he snapped his achilles tendon and our class went to the Science museum of Minnesota and he chaperoned. He is also volunteering for our APEX fun run and he booked our spring break trip including a spa day for me and my mom. He is so supportive for everything I do. Farmington, MN


3/14/18- I got to share my art with the fourth graders of Farmington. The teachers and all the students, were so inviting and gave me this nickel to thank me. It was a great morning! Farmington, MN

3/14/18- Su Legatt came to Meadowview Elementary in Farmington and shared her Collaborative Art and Minnesota Nickel projects with our fourth graders. She explained that she makes all of these wooden nickels on her own and doesn't expect anything in return. She does, however, hope to spread acts of kindness all around the world. Even though she gives out numerous Minnesota Nickels, when asked by a student if she had ever received one herself, she said, "No..." Until now!! Our class decided that Su deserved to receive one herself. Thank you Su for making the world a little nicer :) Farmington, MN


3/30/18- My son and I were in Hawaii on a band trip. On our last day there I was eating breakfast with the other chaperones and I called my sons room to see if he was up and if he had already eaten. He mentioned to me that he was not coming to breakfast since I didn't have any breakfast vouchers left. I mentioned to him that he should have had enough to cover our whole trip. After hanging up with him the gentleman from California at the next table had overheard my conversation with my son. He proceeded to give me an extra breakfast voucher he had. I then gave him the MN nice nickel and explained my gratitude for his actions. Farmington, MN

6/2/18- Was attending an outdoor event in Old Town San Diego. Didn’t realize the weather would drop so low so quickly. This person gave me their flannel longsleave shirt to wear. Made a difference for me to continue to enjoy the outdoor event. San Diego, CA


9/29/18- Won this out of a quarter game at Luke’s Sunny Saloon. Blake Lake, WI


3/30/18- I was on Waikiki beach and rented a chair to sit in. There wasn't a worker available to carry the chair to my spot on the beach. The man behind me (from Wisconsin) in line told me he would be more than happy to bring the chair to where I was located on the beach. I was thankful for his help. Farmington, MN


6/8/10-My friend Martha, who makes willow baskets both beautiful and provocative, gave me this coin after I helped her get some material for an art project. T'was no random act of kindness or bravery, no life was saved, no errant cat rescued from a tree, no sleeping child lost in dreams was pulled from a burning building. No coffee bought for the person behind me in line, just a simple, everyday favor friends do for each other. Minneapolis, MN


10/30/18- Given to me for traveling from NYC to Minneapolis for a reception to honor my friend when the Minnesota Historical Society purchased one of her works of art. Minneapolis, MN


2/27/18- My neighbor came over to blow out the snow in my driveway after he did another neighbor's driveway. Then, he went up and down the street blowing out people's driveways and sidewalks. Moorhead, MN


Found this at the Plains Art Museum Perched on a windows seal. Made my day a little bit happier thanks to whomever left it for someone like me to find. Moorhead, MN


7/29/22- I found this in my office this morning, and it made my day. I don't know who or why it was left, but will be carrying it around and looking for an opportunity to pass it along. Thanks, mystery person! St. Paul, MN


10/25/19- Today was the worst and longest day of work I've had in a long time. I am a manager at Old Navy and let's be honest, retail sucks somedays for so many reasons. But sometimes you have to fake it till you make it, and today was one of those days. I had a terrible mindset but then greeted a mother and daughter shopping and told them to let me know if they had any questions. The little girl made me smile when she tried on a dress and I heard her say it was beautiful, she looked beautiful and it was SO SOFT! And she did look beautiful and vibrant, so I told her she did! I chatted with her mother while she tried on other things, each time coming out of the fitting room with a smile on her face. I loved hearing the way this woman talked with her daughter, you could feel the love and fun relationship they have! As they were leaving the fitting room she gave me this coin and told me it was a pleasure talking and wanted sincere kindness to be recognized. SHE MADE MY DAY. It isnt often that people say things like that to others and this experience turned my whole day around. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your words and your kindness. I can't wait to pass this on and make someone feel as special as you made me feel today. Fargo, ND


8/1/19- I'm a busy rural family medicine doctor that works in the very lovely town of Custer, SD and received this token of niceness from a very kind and considerate young lady who I was fortunate to take care of. It was the highlight of my busy call night. I hope she is doing well and know she will be doing very bright things in her future. Custer, SD


9/30/19- I was given this token as appreciation for volunteering for an event (sidewalk chalk event 2019) with Brave Souls Photography. An organization that provides free photo sessions for families of kids with special needs. Oakdale, MN


11/17/19- I volunteered at a side walk chalk event where I spray chalked a 12ft by 15ft scenery mural for kids with disabilities and their families came and took pictures with costumes in each of the 6 murals. We also had a "wing" wall of butterfly and dragon wings that you could stand in front of for pictures and a live "unicorn" came to take pics with the kids. By far one of the coolest things I have ever done. Coon Rapids, MN


9/29/19- Nice help from aunt today. Nice with her cough and love.


10/8/19- Received from my coworker, Natalie, for being generally helpful! St. Paul, MN


9/22/19- Given this as a thank you for serving on a Minnesota State Arts Board grant review panel. St. Paul, MN

1/6/20-  I was waiting for my husband at a table in the Mall of America's food court. I heard a small sound of something hitting the floor. I saw a gentleman's credit card laying on the floor. He was busy caring for his toddler son and hadn't noticed that the credit card was now laying on the floor. I picked it up & laid it on the table by them without saying anything and went back to watching for my husband. The wife had a light bulb moment expression on her face, opened her purse and slid the Minnesota Nickel towards me with a smile. I didn't know what it was and slid it back to her, but with her persistence I finally realized it was a type of appreciation coin. I'm sure it won't be long before I can pass the coin along!! Bloomington, MN

1/27/20- I met someone going to a business and giving chair massages. She was talking about her tree having smoke damage and having to throw it out. She said she was having a friend over from another country and wished she could set one up ,but it didn't make sense when she could wait to the end of the year. My son has had some health problems recently and I wasn't planning on setting up a Christmas tree this year because we wouldn't be able to enjoy it. Hearing this story from this woman , I decided to let her borrow my tree and all my decorations until she was ready to go and purchase one on sale. We exchanged numbers and I just told her to let me know when I should pick it up . She dropped off the tree, decorations and the Minnesota nickel! So I guess that was my Minnesota nice. Just glad someone got to enjoy it! Fairmont, MN


7/17/21- Bought dinner for a essential worker nurse and her companion. Fergus Falls, MN


8/24/22- I was a waitress at the Fabled Farmer in Fergus Falls my customer left me this token along with a very generous tip and a note saying thank you for everything. Stay amazing and kind. It was my first day and put huge smile on my face :) Fergus Fall, MN


12/17/19-  I gave this to someone who helped me settle in to a brand new country. She helps translate when I have to go to the doctor and always makes sure everyone around her is okay and feels welcomed. Daegu, South Korea


11/21/19-  One of my students was constantly encouraging others to keep working hard when the vocabulary was difficult and not give up. Daegu, South Korea


12/12/19- I was handed this nickel and told that I was very kind. Can't wait to pass it on! Onamia, MN

12/12/19- I gave this nickel to a woman who works very hard without a lot of notice. She runs the food shelf and thrift store in Onamia. She is well known around here. She would and does help anyone who needs it. Onamia, MN


2/1/20- My son was not having a good time at ice skating lessons and another little boy came over, with great concern, to cheer him up and skate with him. Moorhead, MN


11/8/20- I don't have a single clue where I got this coin, but I'm glad I have it! Minneapolis, MN


2/5/20- I found this coin in the snow bank while enjoying a beautiful sunny Sunday walking with a friend of mine. I cannot wait to give it to someone doing good deeds! Minneapolis, MN


2/12/20- A professor recognized my academic talents and petitioned to have the class waived. She succeeded and I was able to move on to a more challenging course. I didn't even ask for this! University Campus


1/26/20- I found it in a parking lot. Minneapolis, MN


1/29/20- Used in lieu of a tip at a local coffee shop. This coin was an act of unkindness to one in the service industry who is tired of Karen's bullhonkey. Minneapolis, MN


6/29/20- I've lived in MN all my life and just recently retired to Wyoming with my partner, daughter, and granddaughter (age 6 at our move). One of my dearest friends in MN gave this wooden nickel to my granddaughter for her kindness and thoughtfulness. My granddaughter knew that my friend loved skulls and picked out a bracelet for her for Christmas and sent it! She's just so very thoughtful and always thinks of others. Definitely MN Nice is in my granddaughters heart! Thanks, Jen for the wooden nickel and we'll pass it along! Wyoming


2/4/20- A former reading partner (now in grade 8 at Anthony) came over to The Klippersonian (my house) for a visit. He is a walking encyclopedia of all matters WW2. I’ve given him books ‘n’ stuff about it. He wanted to token that niceness with the token. SW Minneapolis, MN


1/26/20- Coin introduced to the world at the Art Shanties village entrance. Minneapolis, MN


2/24/20- After conversing with 3 creative people in the middle of the venue, one passed me this coin. Still brings a smile to my face! Lake Harriett Winter Kite Fly and Art Shanty


1/25/20- Received this coin at the Art Shanty Project on Lake Harriet on 1/25/2020. Looking forward to tracking it and hopefully hearing tales of Minnesota nice. SW Minneapolis, MN


2/10/20- This wooden nickel was possibly left as an anonymous, unconscious act of niceness, or just forgotten/lost. It became a useful identifier for my gift ASP mug once a hole was bored into it with a utility knife and a found piece of wire was wrapped through it and the mug handle. It later got to convey the niceness of communal joy when it acted as the clapper of a musical instrument/wedding bell on the last day of the ASP at a marriage ceremony in front of the Pollinator Shanty. Bread and Pickle (ASP Volunteer Green Room, Bde Unman/Lake Harriet, Minneapolis, MN


8/29/20-  I met a girl and her dad at a sushi restaurant and she gave me the nickel for being kind, while I talked with her I found out she knew some people who went to my school and was thinking of going there. This year at my school I get a buddy in a lower grade and I got the same girl who gave me the nickel! Funny how small the world is. Minneapolis, MN


4/5/20-  I was in the store, TAO food, the clerk had broken her reading glasses and was still trying to use them as she required them to do her work. I asked what the prescription was for these dollar store glasses. When she told me the number, I realized that it was the same as mine. So I reached in my purse and I gave her my pair reading glasses. She was so surprised and happy! The person in line behind me gave me this wooden nickel. I am excited to pass it on!! Minneapolis, MN


4/30/20- Being part of the community, Minneapolis, MN


9/15/23- A worker in a hard hat and vest saw me struggling to move a fridge and took time out to help me. Only 5 minutes but it saved me so much. Carbondale, IL


1/28/20- A woman was handing these out at the Art Shanty Projects on Saturday, January 25. Art Shanty Projects is an artist-driven temporary community on a frozen lake in Minneapolis. It explores the ways in which public spaces can be used as new and challenging artistic environments to expand the notions of what art can be. I gave it to my brother on Monday, January 27, because he gave me some homemade cookies. Art Shanty Projects, Lake Harriet, Minneapolis, MN


1/29/20-  I handed a nylon ribbon to a small child so he could join in a participation dance at the Art Shanty event, and he gave me the nickel in thanks! Lake Harriet, Minneapolis, MN

4/10/20-  I received this coin from one of my clients that participated in my workshop 'Empower and Inspire Yourself' because she appreciated the fact that I've had put so much effort and extra work into the class and provided little snacks during class. St. Paul, MN


7/24/23- I received this at the Art Shanty a few years ago. Its in my purse now, so I can pass it on. Glencoe, MN


7/26/22- Bev showed kindness and comfort to me (a new acquaintance). I appreciated her prays and developing friendship.


3/29/20- I was given this coin on Lake Harriet during the Kite Festival in early 2020. Minneapolis, MN


2/5/20- There are times in each of our lives when an event or situation happens that can be so great as to alter the trajectory of our lives. In 2019, this happened to me - and I found my way in contact with a spectacular healer and teacher of exceptional skill. My explicit gratitude to Gina Odermann for her guidance and assistance through this time. In events/crisis/large scale shifts - large or small - it is still each individual that is changed, and so whatever the situation - it must be processed at an individual level. Gina has an ability to connect at a personal scale to enable positive change, and this fills me with great joy! Minneapolis, MN


1/26/20- The family had a long day and was tired. Dad brought dinner home for everyone. Minneapolis, MN


1/8/21- I received this coin from a friend in San Francisco, who sent it to me for staying in touch and sending her mail during the pandemic. Houston, TX

4/7/21- My friend, collaborator, muse, and attorney Erin Rodgers asked me to help her create a music video for a song on her newest album. The video involved a high level of physical intimacy, as we penned lyrics on our nude bodies and held each other gently as the music played. A week later she sent the coin to me along with a thank you note via the United States Postal Service. I am proud to carry this Minnesota Nickel and to be recognized for my niceness, however, if you had friends as talented and beautiful as Erin Rodgers, you too would be as nice as me. Houston, TX


2/22/20- I brought my nickel from Saint Paul MN to Rio Rico AZ to give to my friend who invited us to stay in their house. Rio Rico, AZ

(SERIES FOUR- up to 20,000 nickels in circulation when completed)


8/14/20- A good friend of mine took the time to give me a tour of southern Colorado and the San Louis Valley as I'm considering a move to this region. Colorado really is an amazing place and I'm so thankful for her to have exposed me to Colorado's culture and natural wonder. Buena Vista, CO

12/11/20- A great new friend offered to take care of my dog for a week while I went on vacation. I know very few people near me who I could ask for a favor like this. It gave me peace of mind to know that she was in good hands, and I am so appreciative of this extraordinary act of niceness. :) Buena Vista, CO


7/22/20- Helped pay for my gas. Chicago, IL

7/22/20- Paid for someone else's gas when they ran out. Chicago, IL


1/14/21- Visiting Art in Motion in Minnesota. Malvern, IA


5/16/20-  I received this nickel when my cousin was so kind to take our family photos from afar during the look but don’t touch project during the Covid-19 Stay at Home order in MN. New London, MN


5/16/20- I received this nickel when my cousin was so kind to take our family photos from afar during the look but don’t touch project during the Covid-19 Stay at Home order in MN. New London, MN


1/28/23- Our flight attendant took extra time to make sure our son was comfortable and enjoying the trip. It was great to hear him laugh after such a long trip. Honolulu, HI


6/6/23- I received this from a wonderful colleague during a collaboration meeting at Great River Arts in Little Falls, MN. Little Falls, MN


9/13/22- The barista at the coffee shop had the most positive energy and made my stop that much better! Perham, MN


1/28/23- The ticket agent at the airport snuck our luggage in as gate check instead of an official check to save us some money. Mahalo! Kialua-Kona, HI


5/1/20- Glenwood, MN


7/15/23- Visiting a friend while they're stuck at work. Winona, MN


12/15/23- My six-and-a-half-year-old daughter Renata received this nickel for patiently helping her younger brother get ready for school. She gave the nickel to her friend Henry at school for helping her build a snow pile at recess. St. Paul, MN


9/28/23- My dad gave this to me to thank me for coming to New York with him to support our family friend's bat mitzvah. I'm looking forward to giving it away soon! Sands Point, New York


9/28/23- Su helped our environmental collaborative make paper, and then shared several of these nickels with us. It inspired me to get my two sons involved! Now they have coins, and we are also taking some to New York to hand out to friends we are visiting there (assuming they do anything nice...). Little Falls, MN


4/9/21- Linda organized a group outing for friends to safely gather and view art together at the Anderson Center. Many people were fully vaccinated and it was one of the first group gatherings in more than a year. Anderson Center, Red Wing, MN


Little Falls, MN


Little Falls, MN


Little Falls, MN


9/14/22- sharing ideas and lunch with a pal. St. Cloud, MN


6/14/22- I was the first one to get this coin! (I picked it up while biking.) Wadena, MN


7/30/22- Just got it to start! Wadena, MN


Woke up to this placed on my phone. Scandia, MN


Pick up mnnickle at the wonderful ART IN MOTION in Holdingford MN Plan to pass along to another MN NICE person. Little Falls, MN


Little Falls, MN


5/20/22-  I was relating to my friend that I was attempting to mentor young people and to create leadership. To that end I purchased "Introductory Flight" gift certificates at Flying Cloud Airport with Thunderbird Aviation for my two neighbor girls age 10 and 12. Through the experience of "flight" the seeds are sown to set their sights and goals high. Our nation needs all of the leadership we can help to develop. These two young girls will be excellent. When I shared this story, he handed me the nickel. Forest Lake, MN


Pick up mnnickle at the wonderful ART IN MOTION in Holdingford MN Plan to pass along to another MN NICE person. Little Falls, MN


Pick up mnnickle at the wonderful ART IN MOTION in Holdingford MN Plan to pass along to another MN NICE person. Little Falls, MN


8/16/22- My high school classmate shared a newspaper story from my high school years with me. A wonderful recollection and surprise over 50 years after the original story. Very thoughtful and NICE. Richmond, MN

9/29/22- My husband's grade school classmate hosted a "65th" year reunion when they graduated from the 8th grade in the Catholic school in Wells, MN. Everyone had such a good time reflecting on their elementary years together. Such a "Nice" thing for them to do!!!! Fairmont, MN


Little Falls, MN


5/29/22- Found while walking on Lake Wobegon Trail. Holdingford, MN


Pick up mnnickle at the wonderful ART IN MOTION in Holdingford MN Plan to pass along to another MN NICE person. Little Falls, MN


Hug from boyfriend. Holdingford, MN


I would not take anything for selling my friends stuff at my garage sale, and she gave me this coin. Rice, MN


I got to spend a day off with my mom. We went to Holdingford to check out Art In Motion at the Boho Cafe. Found this coin and am waiting for an opportunity to pass it along! Spend time with someone you love - tell them you care about them while you have the chance! Holdingford, MN


Little Falls, MN


9/29/23- My dad gave this to me to thank me for coming to New York with him to support our family friend's bat mitzvah. I'm looking forward to giving it away soon! Sands Point, New York


4/7/23- I am giving the coin to my 11 year old grandson Emmett for his love and Kindness. When my family and I went to Disney World to celebrate my 70th birthday, I was going to rent a scooter since I have difficulty walking. When we got there, the scooters were all gone and I had to use a wheelchair. Emmett offered to pushed me around. When I finally was able to get a scooter, Emmett stuck by me and made sure I didn't get lost in the crowd and lose the family. He is the greatest grandson I could ask for! Rice, MN

(SPECIAL EDITION SUPER BOWL 52- These coins were distributed by the Super Bowl Host Committee to its volunteers over the course of several weeks.)


2/5/18- As a participant (crew 52volunteer) in the LII Super Bowl the captain of zone 8 gifted this coin to me when I gave him a little thank you gift for his kindness A friend and myself volunteered to go to the farthest hotel 2 days in a row and because of this he gifted us with little tokens of thanks and I felt the need to return the favor. Eden Prairie, MN


2/4/18- Being a volunteer at CREW 52!!!!! Brooklyn Park, MN

4/10/18-  Got this for being CREW 52. In February 2019. Brooklyn, Park, MN


2/3/18- I received this coin while volunteering for Super Bowl 52 as part of Crew 52. I was handing out glow sticks to kids as a fun addition to their experience at Super Bowl LIVE along Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis. So fun to interact with the visitors and locals while embracing the Bold North! Minneapolis, MN


1/30/18- I received this coin from Barry and his wife, two fellow volunteers I met while volunteering downtown at Super Bowl Live. These two exemplified the epitome of "Minnesota nice", our short conversations throughout the night were a highlight for me. We both shared a passionate desire to help others get the most out of their time at Super Bowl Live. Looking forward to grabbing a beer with Barry and his wife in the near future! Super Bowl Live, Minneapolis, MN


As a Crew 52 volunteer at Super Bowl Live on Nicollet Mall, I was asked by countless visitors to take their pictures by all of the Super Bowl week activities and attractions. It was fun to interact with all of the guests to the area and to help make sure that they enjoy their visit to Minnesota. Minneapolis, MN


2/2/18- I volunteered at Super Bowl Live on Nicollet Mall and helped greet visitors to the concert stage area, and answered any questions that I was asked. Minneapolis, MN


2/4/18-  We had a lot fun helping people and taking photos. It was a rewarding experience. I want to thank everybody involved. Minneapolis, MN


2/3/18-  A women tells me she is traveling to New York for her son 29th birthday and what would be a great restaurant to take him. I told her the chart house. The restaurant have great salmon and a wonderful waterfront view. New York, NY


2/3/18- Friday Feb 2nd I arrived at volunteer HQ at 7:08a for my 8:30a shift as skyway host. My early arrival was to secure a position in zone 4 and get some work done while I waited. I was able to get zone 4 in IDS center for my assignment. Around 9:50a, I was approached by my Captains stated they were going to move me and another volunteer to give others an opportunity to work this location...I did NOT want to move as this was the dream spot ..ESPN live with Sage Steele broadcasting . Recognizing others wanted to have this experience (as I had worked my previous shifts in IDS center) I said move me now and had an absolute blast at the Kitty Bowl area. Thanks again crew 52 for the opportunity and the Minnesota nickel. Looking forward to 2019 Final Four. Golden Valley, MN


2/3/18- I received this from my area 2 skyway captain on February 2. My co volunteer and I had a great time 11:30-4:30 outside of adobo's greeting all who went by, and taking most's photo. I also had brought a fun thing to give to families with kids - Superbowl Bingo.. So they could mark off all the things that they had seen while attending Super Bowl Live. Watertown, MN


2/5/18- Crew 52 at Super Bowl Live helping with crowd management/movement. Bloomington, MN


2/5/18- This was given to me during "Super Bowl Live" in Minneapolis on Feb. 3rd. I believe I was the first to receive this nickel. I appreciated receiving it and will pass it on to another when possible. New Brighton, MN


1/30/18- Working with my partner at SuperBowl Live we handed out maps and helped people take pictures in front of the Birke Bridge. Most fans loved this and were very grateful! Cold morning - but smiles of the fans warmed my heart! Minneapolis, MN


1/28/18- I was given this coin after standing at the corner of 10th and LaSalle and greeted guests and handing out maps as they came and left Super Bowl Live. It was a cold morning but a simple "Good Morning" helped bring a smile to their faces and mine. Minneapolis, MN


2/28/18- Volunteering for superbowl 52 in downtown Minneapolis. Minneapolis, MN


4/22/19- Our moment of niceness is not like any other. It was gifted to us upon floating in the pool at the Barcelo Grand Resort. We were curious to find out if there was a story behind the nickel. Although not your regular story a neat one all the same. Quintaroo, Mexico (Mayan Riviera)


12/9/20- (no message), Savage, MN


2/3/18- Helping visitors find their way around Super Bowl Live ahead of SB VII. Becker, MN


11/4/19- Volunteered for Super Bowl LII. Met many new people from all over and help them through out their visit. Captured many photos for them to share with others. Stillwater, MN


2/3/18- Volunteering as a skyway host at Superbowl 52. Charlottesville, VA


1/28/18- Super Bowl Live! Great tourists and lots of things to tell them about in Minnesota! Crew 53 Volunteer. Gave hand warmers to a young couple with a baby so they could stay warm during their visit at Super Bowl Live - they were very appreciative! Minneapolis, MN


2/3/18- Super Bowl Saturday. I am from Florida. It was the coldest Super Bowl. Ever. Minneapolis has an indoor skyway (walkway) that connects most of downtown. You can walk a few miles in it without walking on the same part of the walkway. But... they crisscross. So it would have taken me about ten minutes to be hopelessly lost. This coin was given to me by a Super Bowl LII volunteer - one of very many in the skyway - who was the first to point out where I needed to go, and the last I encountered on my way back to the hotel. We chatted for a few moments, about, nothing really. And I guess that's what made it nice. Then she gave me the coin. It wasn't until I got back into the room that I reflected on the overall experience. I fully get why she had a coin to give, because she was genuinely nice. But what honored me was that, of all the people who passed her, she thought I was nice enough to take the coin the next step. I'm looking forward to it. I will have my eyes open. Maybe tomorrow at the Super Bowl. Minneapolis, MN


1/30/18- This coin was passed to me by Teri Vogt when I was volunteering at the SuperBowl 52 Live experience in Minneapolis. Taking photographs of all the people and families visiting the ice sculptures of LII was very rewarding for me. Giving them a smile and a memorable moment, a picture for future memory was very nice and me smile as well. The whole experience, being there with my students from the Netherlands, being supported by the Crew52 people, Minnesota State University of Mankato it bas been a great week. So thank you for making this possible and thank you I was given the opportunity to contribute. Martijn, from the Netherlands. Minneapolis, MN

2/2/18- The moment of kindness is actually a serie of moments. For some time now my employer HAN University of Applied Science in the Nijmegen, The Netherlands works together with Minnesota State University, Mankato. As international relations faculty I work with Suzannah from MSU Mankato. She is doing a great job hosting our exchange trip here. She has organized so many great excursions, company visits, volunteer work, guest speakers and home stay famlies who take care of our staying here. We have been doing so many great things over here around sports management and the LII Super Bowl Live experience. This was only possible because of Suzannah's efforts and organizing talents. So thank you Suzannah for doing this great job for us and hopefully we have many more of these exchanges coming up. Thanks. Martijn The Netherlands.


2/5/18- Received the coin doing SBLII volunteer work. Minneapolis, MN


2/5/18- Crew 52 Members assisting Super Bowl visitors in the Skyways. Minneapolis, MN


1/31/18- I was working as a volunteer at the Super Bowl live venue. It was extremely cold outside. And a gentleman handed me a nickel and said thank you for your community service. Minneapolis, MN


1/31/18-  My entire team of volunteers did an AWESOME job helping people on the Zipline during Superbowl LIVE. This included 4 hour shifts of backbreaking up and down work getting 100 people/hour harnessed in with helmets, gear, waivers, photos and smiles to get them ready to go across the Mississippi river on the Zipline. Not one complaint, and lots of positive attitude, and willingness to help each other out. Minnetonka, MN


2/2/18-  I was volunteering in -25F for the Super Bowl Experience last night and gave some hand warmers to a dad who was wearing a Packer hat in DT MPLS to share with his family. He gave me this nickel he said he found and gave the hand warmers to his wife and children. I in turn saw a young gymnast at Iowa State University this evening befriended an honorary gymnast (who was about 8 yrs old and on an oxygen tube at the quad meet tonight) and saw the brightest smile I have ever seen. They say that winters in MN can be brutal, but I have never been so warm in my heart as to see that little girl's smile. Thank you ISU gymnast! Mahtomedi, MN


2/2/18- Volunteering for Super Bowl live on Crew52, Minneapolis, MN


2/2/18- Volunteered on the Crew 52 Superbowl Live Venue in Minneapolis. Had an outdoor position assisting our tourist with Winter activities. Minneapolis, MN


2/5/18- Working Super Bowl 52! Many opportunities to share Minnesota pins with people, but more than pins I was handing out Hand Warmers for cold fingers! What a great experience!! I helped show many people how we got the title of "Minnesota Nice!" And I loved every minute of it!! Minneapolis, MN


2/6/18- I received this wooden nickel from my Team Captain of Crew 52 after helping many, many visitors to Super Bowl Live register at the Birkie Bridge to try out xc-skiing. There was trouble with the website registration My partner and I were trouble-shooting on visitors' phones to get the registration accepted. Everyone had fun and enjoyed the xc-skiing! Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN


2/19/18-  I received this coin as from a team captain. As a member of CREW52, I made a special effort to go out of the way to help our super bowl guest during SBLII. Minneapolis, MN


1/29/18-  I received this coin while assisting a Bear fan with a photo of her and the Beat Super Bowl Ring on the the Nicolett Mall Banner. Got on bended knee to do it. Nice to get it. Did not expect it! Super Bowl Live


2/10/18- I was given this coin while volunteering at Super Bowl Live on 1/28/18. One of my captains gave it to me for doing a good job, I guess! My husband and I had a good time helping people that day on Nicollet Mall, taking their pictures and telling them about the ice sculptures. Everyone was so kind and thanked us for volunteering! I’m going to put it in my jacket pocket and watch for a chance to pass it on! Mahtomedi, MN

2/24/18- I was given this coin at CVS-Target on 02/24/18 by a special guest that I have waited on for many of years. We conversed about her children and how they have grown up and what they've been doing. I so enjoy when I see her and her family. Such a wonderful family they are. I truely enjoyed receiving this from her today. North St. Paul, MN


2/4/18- I received this nickel on February 3rd, 2018. It was given to me by a Crew 52 leader through one of my partners. They said I deserved it for the great job I was doing taking pictures of people visiting Super Bowl Live at Super Bowl 52. I never expected it, but it really made me feel like I was making a difference as a volunteer this last week. I wish I had talked to the person who thought I deserved it directly to thank them for recognizing my efforts. I was working with some great volunteers that made it even easier to be my best! Kristen and Kimberly, thanks for being with me that day! We were a great team! Houston, MN


2/3/18-  I received this coin while volunteering for Super Bowl 52 as part of Crew 52. It was -7 with a wicked wind chill on 31 January 2018 and we had a great time helping people find their way around Super Bowl LIVE in downtown Minneapolis. Minneapolis, MN


1/28/18- Spoke with a group of 9 people - young and old about things to see and do at Super Bowl Live, How to keep the kids warm with free hot chocolate along the street, taking them to 360 tent to watch an awesome video and warm up, adults can relax while watching movie, more fun things of bulls eye lodge to have fun with your face on yummy marshmallows and keep warm kids by watching the kitten bowl! All fantastic things to do in Minnesota on a cold chilly day!!! Love it!!!


1/30/18- Volunteering for the Crew 52 Superbowl Live experience, I am engaging with the visitors at the Superbowl Live on the Nicolett Mall, Minneapolis. I want to give the Minnesota "Nice' feeling to all people. Minneapolis, MN


2/17/18-  Volunteer keep kids warm while waiting for Uber. Super Bowl Live, Minneapolis, MN


2/4/18- ​While volunteering for Super Bowl Live activities in downtown, I helped out visitors by taking photos, answering questions, and staying my whole shift in the below zero weather and windchill to put smiles on faces so folks have warm memories of their Bold North Super Bowl experience. Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN


2/9/18-  Great experience as part of Crew 52 as an Airport Host. I loved being a part of a team that was greeting not only visitors from out of state, but welcoming those from the area as well. You could feel the positive energy from those we met. Some surprised by our presence, others appreciative that there was someone there to assist in finding where they needed to go. Anxious to help out for the next major event our city host. We are the BOLD NORTH! Minneapolis, MN


2/6/18- This coin was given to me at my last volunteer session for Super Bowl 52, at the Minneapolis/St.Paul Airport! Volunteering and meeting people from all over was a BLAST!! MSP Airport


2/4/18- On Crew52 stationed at MOA. Crew Captains were all apologetic regarding my credentials. They gave me this because of my patience. Good times even with problems. SKOL... next year! Lakeland, MN


1/28/18- Working as part of Crew 52 prior to the upcoming Super Bowl my task at one of my shifts was to stand at one of the entrances and be a resource/welcome for guests. I tried to welcome everyone with a smile and a hello and noticed the area was a great photo opportunity as well. I engaged our guests and pointed out the scene as I welcomed them. I offered to take their picture and worked with each guest to capture what they were hoping to get within their image. It was so much fun meeting so many locals and out of town guests and the upbeat, positive energy was really cool. Minneapolis, MN


2/2/18- Volunteering at Super Bowl live on the Nicollet Mall, Thursday night in bitter cold. Gave away my volenteer scarf to a young girl who was not dressed appropriately for the weather. I suspected she was a vulnerable adult. I also gave her my hand warmers before she went away. Minneapolis, MN


11/23/18- Your so nice thank you


2/1/18- I was given this coin during my volunteer shift for the Crew 52 Super Bowl LII as a skyway host. A gentleman asked me for directions to the Hilton. Getting to the Hilton through the skyway from my location is convoluted and the gentleman said he was due to be at the Hilton by 10 a.m. It was 9:55 a.m., and I explained it would take about 10 minutes to walk there. We had volunteers deployed at many strategic locations, and I knew it would be quicker for me to walk him there rather than have him stop at each volunteer location to confirm the directions. Also, there were two locations along the route that were key -- if he missed the turnoffs, he would then be heading in the wrong direction. As we were walking to the next building, I quickly determined by his speech he was probably from a southern location. He confirmed he was from Atlanta, and he had been to Minneapolis (Eden Prairie) only one time during the summer. It was imperative we take the skyway route as it was close to 0 degrees with a wind chill of about -15 degrees. And he wasn't wearing a coat. We walked and talked the whole route and I lead him to the building one block away -- he just needed to cross over the street to reach the Hilton. I figured he probably didn't want to enter the Hilton with a volunteer escort. :) We were at our station when he returned after 11 a.m. He had also made it to two other hotels in the vicinity of the Hilton, and he ecstatic and so appreciative. He said he was ready to take a nap at his hotel. I was quite surprised when I received this coin -- I was just doing my role as a skyway host to help people get to their destination. Minneapolis Skyway System near City Center and Dayton's project, Minneapolis, MN


2/2/18- I helped Crew 52 as skyway host just before the Super Bowl. I walked with a couple to their destination so they could meet with friends for lunch. They had been given wrong directions so appreciated the time I made to navigate the skyways. Minneapolis, MN


3/7/18-  I was given this coin for my time volunteering as part of Crew 52 for the MN Super Bowl. I can't wait to pass it on! Minneapolis, MN


1/28/20- Moment of Niceness: Watched a young man bring in two carts from the parking lot at my local Micheals store. Blaine, MN


2/1/18- Given to me for strive. They wanted me to share this coin. Rogers, MN


2/1/18- Handed to me at a school function. Rogers, MN


1/30/18- I was working as a volunteer with the Crew52 at the Superbowl LIVE on Sunday, January 28th in zone 12. I was volunteering in and outside the SuperBowl 360. When I came outside from volunteering inside SuperBowl 360 I was very well engaged with the people standing in line. I welcomed our guests and got them pumped to experience the thrill of the SuperBowl 360 while they waited in line. My Crew52 coach was very pleased with my engagement that he handed me this Minnesota Nickel recognizing Kindness. Ashland, WI


3/20/18-  I am a health clerk at RHS and I received the coin from a student who has had a lot of troubles. She just returned and is doing well and said "someone gave this to me, pass it along to someone who does something nice for you like you do for everyone". Made my day! Rogers, MN


2/3/18- The Crew 52 volunteers that worked in my zone, Zone 8A where the Verizon stage, Schwan's truck and Tostido's Warming house were located, did an amazing job reaching out to our visitors this past week! It made me proud to be a Minnesotan! #BoldNorth


2/6/18- 2/3/18- It was a busy day, just one day before Super Bowl 52. As a skyway host, my partner and I provided information for the fans all over the nation. I received the nickel for my volunteering at this once in 26 years’ event. Shoreview, MN


2/3/18- Volunteering at Super Bowl live when a woman who loves the Dallas Cowboys, couldn’t see the QB- Dak Prescott, from where she was standing so I offered her to jump on my back so she could get a look. She was so appreciative and gave many thanks and even a hug! #boldnorth Super Bowl Live, Minneapolis, MN


2/5/18-  I was given this nickel while I was volunteering as a Crew52 member during Superbowl 52. Woodbury, MN


1/31/18- Giving guests at the pre super bowl activities directions to various locations in the downtown Minneapolis area via the skyways. Super Bowl LII Skyway, Minneapolis, MN


1/30/18- I received this MN nickel at Nicollet Mall during Super Bowl Live. I was volunteering when I receive this coin. Minneapolis, MN


1/29/18- I was given this coin while volunteering at Super Bowl Live in Minneapolis on 1/28/18. It was given to me by my shift lead for helping our part of the event run smoothly and making sure the visitors had an enjoyable time while they were there. Plymouth, MN


1/27/18- I was given this token by a Crew 52 member during Super Bowl Live on Nicollet Mall. I helped a person with directions to their bus stop. Minneapolis, MN


1/28/18- Volunteering as CREW 52 for the Super Bowl Live I was given the nickel from a man who appreciated my enthusiasm! I was taking visitors pics with their phones and a frame that said, "Super Bowl Lii and Minnesota". Thank you kind man, I'll pass it on! Lino Lakes, MN


1/28/18- I was given this coin by my team captain Nicky on 1/28/18. I am one of the 10,000 volunteers helping with Super Bowl activities. My duty was to greet guests along Nicollet Mall in front of the YWCA. I was given chap stick, Kleenex and Love Your Melon pins before I came out and handed these to children that came by. Visitors are impressed with how much these is to see and do along the mall and my volunteer partner Paula and I made sure they had maps and provided them with directions. I am happy to have been part of this wonderful experience - MN, the home of 10,000 lakes and 10,000 grateful volunteers!


1/28/18- As a captain for the Super Bowl Live team I spent my shift making sure other volunteers were doing well and enjoying their time out on Nicholet Mall. I had the opportunity to spend time with one of them getting to know them a bit and then with them, help a family visiting from out of town to find they’re way to the activity they were looking for. The family so thankful for the information and thanked us both for volunteering and helping them. For me, volunteering for the Super Bowl Host Committee has been just an incredible experience. I wanted to be a part of this once in a lifetime experience and be a part of showing the world how amazing Minnesota is. It has been better than I even imagined. I’m so thankful for this opportunity, the incredible staff that is organizing and training us all and am having the time of my life. We are all truly showing the world Minnesota Nice! Super Bowl Live, Minneapolis, MN

1/29/18- Yesterday I volunteered at Super Bowl Live on Nicollet Mall as part of Crew 52, the awesome group of 10000 volunteers welcoming visitors to the pre-game events in downtown Minneapolis. In addition to providing directions and answering questions, I was able to be a smiling face, greeting folks as they visited all the sights on the Mall. A warm presence on a cold afternoon, making everyone feel welcome, giving hugs and fun conversations! Can’t wait for my next shift on Friday! Shoreview, MN


4/14/18-  I was part of the Crew 52 volunteer group for the Super Bowl. I was given this nickel, as I swept and mopped the floor of the whole volunteer headquarters. This was a fun and rewarding job, but also hard work. Glad I could help! Super Bowl Crew 52 Volunteer Headquarters


1/27/18- I received this coin while volunteering for the Super Bowl LII Host Committee at Super Bowl LIVE. I had the pleasure of greeting guests that were riding the zipline across the Mississippi River. It was an amazing adventure and I was blessed to have opportunity to show the guests what Minnesota Nice REALLY means to me. Minneapolis, MN


1/29/18- Opening doors and greeting/thanking people as they left the activities in the old Dayton's building. Super Bowl Live, Minneapolis, MN


1/29/18- Seeing all the people downtown experiencing the Super Bowl Activities and everyone just enjoying themselves. I opened/closed the door for people at the NFL/Kitten Bowl/Prince Experience for 3 hours and everyone was happy, even in the cold weather-GO MINNESOTA! Super Bowl Live, Downtown Minneapolis, MN


2/19/18-  I received this coin as from a team captain. As a member of CREW52, I made a special effort to go out of the way to help our super bowl guest during SBLII. Minneapolis, MN


2/19/18-  I received this coin as from a team captain. As a member of CREW52, I made a special effort to go out of the way to help our super bowl guest during SBLII. Minneapolis, MN


2/19/18-  I received this coin as from a team captain. As a member of CREW52, I made a special effort to go out of the way to help our super bowl guest during SBLII. Minneapolis, MN


2/13/18- Dan introduced us to the new employee. Vadnais Heights, MN


1/31/18- I received my MN nickel while volunteering for Crew52 I opened doors for all the guests going to see the kitten bowl, NFL and Prince exhibits. It was cold, but everyone was having a good time seeing all that there is to see during the 9 days before the big game. Volunteering for MN has been great experience. Minneapolis SuperBowl live Crew52, Minneapolis, MN


2/19/18-  I received this coin as from a team captain. As a member of CREW52, I made a special effort to go out of the way to help our super bowl guest during SBLII. Minneapolis, MN


2/4/18- Crew 52, St. Paul, MN


2/3/18- I was given this coin as a captain of a volunteer crew for Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis. I have a few left over so I am handing them out when I see a random act of kindness! Nisswa, MN


2/7/18-  I was volunteering for super bowl 52 in downtown Minneapolis. I was given the nickel by my Crew captain, Tod because I helped the Minneapolis Police Department With crowd control on Nicollet Mall. Minneapolis, MN


2/5/18-  I am a Farmington 4th grade teacher who received this coin while volunteering at Super Bowl 52 Live. I brought it to school and shared it with my class. I explained the purpose of the coin and said I was hoping to pass it on to someone demonstrating an act of niceness someday. As a part of our Kindness Day activities Meadowview 4th grade is having a SOUPer Bowl Challenge to help restock the Farmington Food Shelves. Last week a student in my class brought in a bag of soup cans. He said he got $20 of his OWN savings and asked his dad to buy as many soup cans as he could... OMG!! He deserves this coin so much more than I do! I plan to give it to him today... Jae Julianne, MVES 4th grade, Farmington, MN


2/3/18-  I received this coin as a volunteer team captain for Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis MN. I have a few left over and will be handing them out when I see a random act of kindness! Nisswa, MN

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