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OUR TOWN 56345

This project was lead by the Five Wings Arts Council and the City of Little Falls and funded by an OurTown Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.
Created with the intent of creating new and inspiring ways of collaborating within the community between local non-profits, community members and local government. Through a series of community meetings, six guiding principles were determined to help shape future efforts for the community. These principles focused on current and future needs and how projects could develop as well-rounded, inclusive, and considerate. 

After a brief hiatus due to Covid 19, Su was brought on board to help complete the project, disseminate the information and inform the public, and further the efforts to inspire collaboration. Additionally, she focused on engaging the younger citizens, creating space for their voices to be expressed, and demonstrating the incredible desire they have to be involved with the community efforts, organizations, and leadership within their community. 
A core team of youth leaders was formed to help with the efforts and learn techniques they could apply in their own work. With their insight, several events and artistic efforts were created to unite and engage the community, while informing them on the priorities and gathering additional information to help shape future efforts. 

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