In early 2020, the Corona Virus, or Covid-19, hit the United States. Schools were closed, businesses shuttered, and people forced into self-isolation and social distancing. This project is designed to address the separation required between family, friends, and neighbors, but also the horrible reality of what this means; not being able to be with those who need us most. The images in this series touch on the desire for contact and difficult in not seeing others; connection without contact.

The immediacy of the Polaroid creates a fun souvenir of the experience and yet is frustratingly clumsy, inconsistent, and aesthetically flawed. There is delight and pain, convenience and difficulty, access and limitation.

At each location, the artist communicates simple instructions to the participants through the use of large note cards, further stressing the social-isolation required. Two Polaroids are created; one for the artist, one for the participant.

As this is an ongoing project, new images will be added as they are created to this site, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; social media and digital chat platforms  being a primary form of communication and connectivity.

All images and work property of Su Legatt and protected by copyright. sulegatt@sulegatt.com

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