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Silk or plastic flowers hold a particulare facination, they are not considered in high regard resting on the shelf of the craft store and considered garbage as soon as their purpose is completed. In the case of the flowers documented in this series, their sole purpose was to ornament tombstones. After the wind carried them from their intended location, they were casually swept up by a broom or lawnmower. 


Each flower was collected, archived via a scanner, and dedicated to one of my ancestors. This eternal and digital preservation demonstrates the power of photography to ensure that a moment or thought can be recorded and shared easily for all time. 


Printed on rich watercolor paper, the rich colors of this print make it a bold piece of artwork; visually strong yet quietly contemplative. 


16" x 16" Archival Digital Print on Watercolor Paper. Shipped with glassine tissue in tube mailer. 

Addtional shipping expenses may apply.

In Memoriam: John Legatt (Archival Digital Print)

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