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The Spiral Jetty was created in 1970 by Robert Smithson on the north shore of the Great Salt Lake outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. Not long after it's construction, the exceptionally salty waters of the lake rose, coverinbg the rocks and coating them with a thick salty crust. In the early 2000s, Utah and the Great Salt Lake started a long drought, causing the waters to receed and expose the rocks of the Spiral Jetty for the first time in decades.


This image was captured shortly after a thunderstorm and not long after the rocks were frewshly exposed. The salt-crusted rocks shimmer white in the brine shrimp filled pink waters of the lake and under the purple, swirling storm clouds. Not long after, the salt crust dried and fell off to expose the black rocks and the waters continued to receed even further back, bringing the Spiral Jetty close to its original state.


16" x 20" Archival Digital Print on Luster Paper. Shipped with glassine tissue in tube mailer. 

Addtional shipping expenses apply.

Spiral Jetty, 2004 (signed archival digital print)

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