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This unique artist in residency program partners a community engagement artist with a small town in rural Minnesota that has a vulnerable drinking water source. For Little Falls, their ground water is their drinking or source water and all the wells are clustered together on the edge of town. The protection of this source water is a top priority for the local government. The Source Water Protection Collaborative, convened by Environmental Initiative, is partnering artists with local government to raise awareness within the community in a productive, fun, non-intimidating way. Funding for the effort is provided by the Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment.

From June to December, 2023, Su will work closely with community leaders, educators, artists, and more to develop pieces that explore the communities relationship to water, their understanding of its effects, and how important it is to the community at large. These items (watercolor paintings, poems, stories, drawings, photos, etc) will be digitized and layered together to create a series of prints inspired by broadsides. The final series will be reproduced and distributed as window clings and vinyl wraps throughout the city. 

For a brief overview of the project's process, click HERE.

UPDATE: Public events for this project have concluded. The final broadsides are on display at Little Falls City Hall. Prints from this project can be purchased in the site store or at Great River Arts in Little Falls, MN. All proceeds from the sales of the work goes to Friends of Crane Meadows to expand water protection efforts. 

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